We all love to bring out the red, white and blue decorations when it comes to celebrating Independence Day.

With 85 percent of Americans considering themselves patriotic, bunting, wreaths and flags are out in full force when the 4th of July rolls around.

But, patriotic decor doesn’t have to be just for festivities. With a little imagination and the right finishing touches, you can make your home a testament to your patriotism.

Here are six patriotic decorating ideas to help you inject some national pride into your home decor.

1. Switch Up Color Shades

A red, white and blue color scheme isn’t the easiest to realize. But, this iconic palette can also be a discerning choice for crisp, modern interiors – learn more.

The key to making these colors work in your home is to venture away from primary shades. There are a myriad of shades of red and blue that can hint at patriotism – without having people thinking that you’ve forgotten to take down your 4th of July decorations.

Consider a modern bedroom with bright white walls. An upholstered bed in an elegant red-colored tweed fabric sets the scene. The addition of dark blue bedding and a mixture of accent pillows highlight how sophisticated this color palette can be.

You can also go lighter as a way to switch up color shades. Pale blues such as stone and slate work well with oxblood and wine shades of red. While soft reds in rose and blush combine perfectly with indigo.

2. Texture Mix

Along the same lines, considering what textures you choose for patriotic decorating ideas makes a big difference.

You could try velvet cushions in rich jewel shades of blue and red, or as the upholstery on your dining chairs. Contrasting this with wooden furniture and more neutral walls highlights your patriotic color choices without being too obvious.

Light, floaty fabrics have a similar subtle effect. You could opt for long-hanging thin curtains in a ruby red against a white or blue wall. Or white curtains held with blue rope to contrast against a red accent wall.

Other ways to blend your red, white and blue theme with different textures is to bring painted wood, faux fur, leather, and heavy fabrics like tweed or wool into the mix.

3. Say It with Words

Patriotic decorating ideas don’t have to revolve around red, white and blue.

Instead, you could say it with words, and show your pride with decor relating to the US Declaration of Independence itself.

There are many retro wall posters, prints and framed designs to choose from if you want to display text from the Declaration of Independence on your wall.

And, text designs are easy to incorporate into your home whatever style or look you’re going for.

If you’re adverse to clutter, and prefer a minimal look, a framed monochrome print of the full declaration is perfect for incorporating patriotism into a modern home. While those who prefer a vintage version can choose an authentic-style declaration print that looks more like the original document.

If you’re feeling creative, you could make your own text-based designs. To do this, you could copy your favorite parts of the declaration text.

Or, you could use lyrics from The Star Spangled Banner as a decorative way to show your national pride.

4. Make It Retro

If you’re not afraid of going all-out when it comes to showing your national pride, a retro 1950s theme is a great way to incorporate the flag’s colors in your home.

You could opt for a dining nook decorated like a 50s-style diner, complete with red leather booths and a white table. Add in blue and white checked floors and you’ve got the perfect combination.

Or, combine white kitchen cupboards and a pale blue retro fridge with a red and white checked floor.

A similar retro vibe works well in your living room. Mix a vintage 1950s style red sofa with white throw cushions and a blue accent wall. Decorate with vintage Americana posters that match your color scheme.

5. Mismatched Chairs

This informal trend has grown in popularity in recent years. And it’s ideal for adding a big dose of patriotic originality to your dining room.

Mismatched chairs might have you thinking of Monica Geller’s apartment in Friends. But, some clever coordination is crucial to getting this eclectic look right.

You can opt for different colors, shape or materials, but keep at least one of these features the same across all the chairs.

To show your national pride you might choose the same resin chairs in red, white and blue.

Placed around a solid wood table, these will inject some quirky fun to an otherwise plain dining room.

Alternatively, you may prefer different styles of white chairs or a variety of chairs all painted the same shade of blue.

But remember, if you go for a striking design element like this, the chairs will need to be the focal point for the room.

6. Play with Patterns

While block colors can be too bold in shades of blue and red, stripes and spotty patterns can tone down this patriotic color scheme.

Thinly striped wallpaper in blue and white creates a perfect backdrop for a white sofa decorated with red cushions.

Or you could even combine red, white and blue into patterned tiled floors running through your home. Keep everything else muted and neutral and your floor will be the focus.

Spotty red and blue prints are a fun way to inject color into your home, while star-print textiles in reds and blues are fun for a child’s bedroom.

Be Inspired by These Patriotic Decor Ideas

As these inspiration ideas show, patriotic decor can be as bold or as subtle as you like.

And, it’s easy to incorporate patriotic concepts into your home while staying true to your own personal style.

For more home and lifestyle inspiration, check out our other posts, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

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