PayPal is still the king when it comes to processing online transactions. But that doesn’t mean competitors haven’t closed the gap with their handling of a UPI payment. Alternatives are everywhere, and their numbers keep growing. If you’re ready to move away from PayPal, these are the companies that stand out the most.

1. Razorpay

A business that wants to grow beyond PayPal needs Razorpay. It is an up-and-coming competitor that offers free and paid versions. Integration is easy, and the positive reviews keep growing by the month. Razorpay features are constantly being developed, so you’ll always be in a technically sound position.

2. Payoneer


Small to medium-sized businesses have turned to Payoneer for an all-around solution. Out of all the Paypal alternatives, Payoneer is the closest to the original vision of Paypal. This is an important distinction for people that want a change, but not too far from their original services.

3. Google Pay

Google Pay is a brilliant, but undermarketed gem. Consumers have been using it for years, and businesses are starting to catch on to its prominence. As the biggest search engine in the world, it makes sense that Google would be a natural PayPal competitor.

4. Square

Square is a small and stylish company that has shown promise with point-of-sale transactions. But its biggest strengths are showcased when you integrate it into your running systems. Square Checkout has many top-tier online checkout functions that are equal to or better than competitors.

5. Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is huge and continues to get better. Instead of being a solitary solution for checkout, Shopify has gone the extra mile by being the integration king. With a little configuration, you can use their API with several of the leading payment processors.

6. Stripe


One of the payment processors that has great integration with Shopify is Stripe. Online businesses that are used to PayPal tools will have no issues moving over to Stripe. It is a similar setup with a high amount of customizability.

7. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a powerful tool from the biggest marketplace in the world. Besides the brand appeal, you get a service that is available on several devices. Out of all the other choices, Amazon has the best fraud and security protection.

8. Skrill


Skrill is a fascinating change of pace from the other PayPal alternatives. This is a category-specific tool that deals with online gaming and cryptocurrency. It’s simple to use and maybe a better choice if you understand its limitations.

9. Braintree

Although Braintree is a PayPal service, it is still a beneficial change for individuals or businesses. It was made for larger companies that outgrew the original PayPal system. Braintree is a powerful online payment solution that takes the PayPal branding to the next level.

10. TransferWise

If your company handles a large volume of international transactions, then TransferWise is the PayPal alternative you need. It deals with exchange rates like a pro, and can actually save you money per consumer.

Wrapping Up

Individuals and businesses are always looking for the next big thing. Any one of these ten PayPal alternatives can work as a complete replacement. Check out their features, and go with the one that matches your personal preferences.