Kiyosaki has depicted an innovative society which is typical with a different facelift. He has created six lessons of how to become rich investing dollars in perfect way. Instead of doing white color jobs, people need to be addicted to the passive income to upgrade the financial condition rapidly. His 6 pack diet is effective for newcomers who are really willing to earn more money within short range of time. “Rich Dad and Poor Dad” is the book in which Kiyosaki has explained his innovative 6 methods of becoming self-employed with big wallet. gives a good constructive guide to people to learn about 6-pack theory to earn money out of regular monotonous pen pushing jobs.

6 Pack Money Earning Theory – Few Important Facts

In this “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”, the author has discovered the prominent difference between the rich and the poor in the society. His original father was poor with limited income. He had to sacrifice comfort and happiness due to the want of money. On the other hand, rich father the author encountered in his life was a big boss with treasure trove to buy luxuries easily. He was rich, elegant and educated as well. However, he didn’t earn money spending time at home. He worked meticulously to collect million dollars to upgrade his credit scores. Ultimately, he reached the targeted destination after fulfilling his dream .

Definitely, he will not have to depend on regular wages.  The author states that people have to stay live to do better jobs which must assist them to escalate without hard work. For instance, he draws attention of his fans towards the passive income. After designing a site, you will get fund quickly.  It is an ideal job for him. He has no wages, no work schedule and nothing regarding the regular assignment completion. He is attached with the big industry.

Obviously, it is great if you earn dollars sitting at your home. This passive income is favorable to you to run the family. However, he doesn’t give a road map how to get success by sticking to such virtual affiliate marketing. There are many people who are confused about the internet. They are not competent to handle SAP and content management tools. Secondly, in reality, in the beginning, every employee must do lot of hard works to launch the sites. Then, they expect regular income if everything must go well.

Ultimate Goal of 6 Pack Theory- It Requires More Realistic Approach to Have Success

Kiyosaki has put emphasis on assets management program which compels investors to keep making financial investment to have success. For example, you have a luxurious home. It is good as you are a rich person. The author thinks that the rich person must not waste money. He is affluent because he earns dollars from different sources. So, home owner has to give good advertisements to invite tenants to use his real estate properties. This usage of residential property must mobilize the money earning process.

Reinvestment on housing market is a good sign to locate the sources of excellent income. However, he is not clear about the liability schemes. He suggests that tax is a burden to a salaried class. An economical employee gets paycheck from the company. He has to pay taxes beforehand. That means, if his handsome monthly pay pack is $40000 with perks and emoluments, the government cuts 10 percent taxes through the company.  Then, naturally, he is not able to have the full payment. It is not pardonable.

The poor persons always bear taxes and the rich play trickery to steer clear of such social obligation. It happens in Europe. It is the trend and people have to tackle this awkward situation. The author redefines the tax payment and liability. The employee should write off the company. He will pay tax only after getting money. He has the legal right to write off the check when he owns the property in the shape of money.  Rich guys evade taxes through the corporations. They show papers that their money is invested on different growth oriented projects. Government is trapped and misguided. People have to find the loopholes in tax system. They have to create business to reduce financial crunch. They have to invent schemes and strategies how to bring glossy dollars to home without spending 20-30 percent on tax clearance and debt management. Critics are not unanimous.

How is it possible for a single employee to fuel up his own self-created business environment within a different infrastructure? Though few have crossed hurdles to become self-reliant, many are not confident of doing business apart from working in office. The tax evasion is not a funny game. It needs intelligence and patience of employees. The author has not given permanent solution for these poor employees. He has cited few examples but basically all people are not accustomed to modify their income without a separate subculture.

Rich Dad and Poor Dad is a popular book for young generation. The new 6 pack dietary plan must boost up teens to improve their own financial status through the cycle of recurrent investments and assets acquisition. However, Kiyosaki has to provide more solid information how to construct a new digital school which must be revenue based, much more realistic and conducive to the all-round development of poor as well as middle class.

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