Personal injuries are damages caused by an accident, brain injuries, or when hit by a sharp object in your place of work. It could also be a dog bite or accidents on a construction site. Then, people are not always aware of the different kinds of accidents and injuries that a professional lawyer handles regularly.

According to an article published on, there are also different kinds of personal injury cases such as motor accident cases, dog bites, slips and falls, assaults, medical malpractices, and more. Before you hire a legal professional, learn about the five types of accident cases an attorney handles.

1. Truck accidents

These road accidents involve huge trucks or commercial vehicles including big trailers, semi-trucks, and even huge rigs. These incidents lead to serious injuries. The size and weight of these commercial vehicles make injuries more serious, significant property damage and even death in some cases.

Fighting the legal battle against insurance firms and transport companies is like moving mountains. That is why you need a personal injury lawyer to help you receive fair compensation for the injuries and damages sustained. A legal professional will fight your case in a court of law, do all the legwork, and deal with loads of paperwork.

2. Motor car accidents

These days, car accidents have become quite common in the US. Then, if you are an accident victim and unable to go back to work due to severe injuries, fighting for your loss of income for several days or months is not an easy job. Did you know even a minor crash can result in serious trauma, disabling conditions, and even death? So if you have sustained injuries after a car accident, consult a legal professional right away.

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3. Boat accidents

Boat accidents usually occur on commercial or recreational vessels leading to serious injuries. You will need an experienced attorney who deals with boat accidents to fight your case in a court of law and ensure fair compensation.

4. Motorcycle accidents

Many times, motorcycle riders fail to follow road safety rules like rash driving or not ensuring physical protection. It leads to serious accidents and injuries. When you or someone you know that have sustained severe injuries, get in touch with a legal expert who knows about motorcycle accidents and injuries.

Remember motorcycle mishaps are quite different compared to other vehicle accidents on the road. Only a legal professional will help you file a claim for maximum compensation.

5. Product liability

Defective medical devices, products, as well as drugs, lead to damages to Americans. You will need a lawyer who knows how to how to investigate and prove your case in product liability legal suits.


When you have a personal injury attorney, he is experienced with all the above cases and helps you to take the right steps to receive fair compensation quickly.

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