The covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in almost all aspects. All of us are now thinking about the future and how we will return to the absolute new normal after the pandemic. Travelling is among the aspects people are looking forward to as others have already made plans.

Many travelers are wondering how travelling will be after the pandemic. We are not sure of when countries are fully reopening their borders and how safe it will be to travel to different destinations. How safe travelling will depend on the measures put by countries and how travelers will focus on health safety measures. Here are five places to travel in Asia after the pandemic.

1. Cambodia

This country reopened its borders in late May 2020 for six countries which include Iran, U.S, Italy, Spain, German and France. Although there are strict measures and restrictions for visitors entering the country, its action shows that they will soon welcome even more visitors. Besides, they have been doing so great overcoming the disease with only 124 cases as of May 23 and zero deaths.

Travelling to the country will expose you to the nature and culture of the place. You can opt for the less visited places like Sihanoukville and take a speedboat to Koh Rong Island to avoid tourist traps. The fun activities to enjoy here are scuba diving, snorkeling or sunbathing by the ocean.

2. Maldives

Tourism is significant in the Maldives. With this in mind, it is unsurprising for it to be on the top of welcoming travelers. The country has managed to keep spread numbers down and was planning to reopen in July 2020. However, strict measures were put in place to ensure that travelers were safe as they visit the country.

The country gives you a relaxing experience, so you rest as you enjoy paradise away from active tourist traps. You can enjoy scuba diving in Aquaventure Dive center and visit Manta Point to explore and enjoy manta rays.

3. Vietnam

It is among the countries with fewer cases of the covid-19 disease. Their swift victory against the disease makes them among the countries who want to reopen their borders for foreign visitors. With strict measures such as limiting the number of tourists in certain islands like the Phu Quoc, they may be able to perform tourism safely.

The island has the ideal features for a nice post-COVID-19 vacation to relax your mind. From amazing beaches such as Long Beach to national parks that cover almost half of the island, you can have fun experiences especially if you travel with agencies that offer great deals.

4. United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai is among the great tourist attractions in the UAE. It is both an emirate and city famous for luxury shopping. If you are looking for a place to travel and relax as you do some luxurious shopping after the pandemic, this is the place for you. With ultramodern architecture, like the Burj Khalifa, lively nightlife and places with great views, you will definitely enjoy your stay in Dubai. Make sure you get your Burj Khalifa tickets on time.

5. Singapore

The country’s social distancing efforts have worked perfectly and effectively to keep low spread rates. They considered reopening borders for tourists, on May 2020 and welcomed visitors ready for business or vacations from countries like China.

If you have plans of visiting the country after the pandemic, consider places like Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve where you will explore different angles of the city while avoiding tourist crowds. There are so many activities to enjoy here, like marine life and bird watching.

How you can buy things for your trip online

Although you can buy your travel essentials on a physical market, it is sometimes best to purchase online as you get to enjoy great deals. There are numerous of online markets that sell trip essentials online. Purchasing items online should be easy and fast.

After you access the business website, you can look for products they are offering and prices then compare with other online stores. After you settle on the store you want to purchase from, read all the policies, including the return policy as you may want to return an item after delivery.

The payment options are also important before you proceed to order. Besides, ensure the site is legit and delivery won’t take long, so you don’t get your trip items after your trip. You can proceed to make orders while looking for items with great discounts.

How to take advantage of online coupons

Online shopping may save you a great deal of money as there are attractive discounts. To utilize the online coupons, you need to first know sites that offer them, so you buy from them. To take advantage voucher codes:

  • Include words like offer discount or coupon on the product and search whether the site offers a coupon on that product.
  • Compare prices from two or more sites selling the same product. Besides, if the sites offer coupons, compare the coupons to select the best.
  • Pick the site with the lowest price and best coupon.
  • Procced to search the coupon and make sure the coupon code is clear from the offer section.
  • In case the offer page is not there; you can search the coupon on the site.
  • Fill the name of the online store to find the coupons.
  • Compare them and choose the one that will save you a good amount.
  • Copy the coupon code and then apply it on the discount or promo code section.
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