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Planning a Memorial After Cremation

When a loved one passes, the responsibilities to plan services and arrangements can often be overwhelming. In a time of mourning, no one should have to deal with added stress or anxiety. For those who choose cremation after passing, planning the perfect memorial can be made easier with the help of professionals.

Everyone has unique preferences when the time comes, and with that comes plans for the final goodbyes. While some may set out detailed requests for their loved ones to follow, others leave the decision-making up to their family and friends. Read on for some options on planning a fitting memorial in a way that doesn’t put even more stress on your shoulders.

Planning the service

One of the most common forms of honoring a loved one comes in the form of a written or spoken eulogy. Eulogies consist of memories of the recently deceased, anecdotes of various milestones in their lives, and final goodbyes. While it’s most common to dictate a pre-written eulogy during scheduled viewing, some family members and friends may be weary of speaking in front of large crowds.

In these cases, creating a program with stories written by loved ones can be a way to include multiple relatives and friends in the sharing of memories. These programs can then be handed out and read at the memorial services. Similarly, family members can provide an empty book at the memorial where attendees can write brief memories of the recently deceased.

When working with services and funeral homes, professionals can offer family members with assistance in planning the right memorial. Staff members can provide information on which service is right for the family’s needs. Some families opt for a funeral consisting of viewing hours, a brief service, and burial while others choose a brief viewing followed by cremation. When the time comes, working with services like Legacy Cremation Services can aid in planning memorials, scattering ashes, and everything in between.

Funerals typically occur with an open or closed casket before cremation, so family and friends can come to say their final goodbyes. In contrast, a memorial is typically scheduled several days or weeks after the loved one has been cremated in order to arrange services and travel for those who wish to attend.

Specialty services

For many, plans after cremation include the spreading of ashes in places that once held fond memories. While there are legal restrictions on when and where ashes can be scattered, working with a professional service or funeral home can provide you with all of the necessary information to honor your late loved one’s wishes. These include regulations that must be followed such as acquiring the proper permits, filing for permission from park services, and ensuring that the area is not on a highly populated trail or archaeologically sensitive area.

For those wishing to scatter ashes at sea, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. A sunset cruise in West Palm Beach can be the ideal event for gathering family and friends to say their final goodbyes. Many tour companies often include “Ashes at Sea” cruises in their packages with staff members who will ensure your service goes smoothly.

Ashes can be scattered at sea so long as the services follow EPA guidelines and is reported to them within 30 days. Ashes must be scattered a minimum of three nautical miles from land in biodegradable urns. Similarly, any additional items such as flowers or decorations must also decompose naturally so as not to damage the marine ecosystem.
When mourning the loss of a loved one, you shouldn’t have to stress about planning the funeral arrangements. With the help of professionals, and the right setting, a memorial after cremation can be the perfect final goodbye.

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