What are the best plumber marketing strategies?

Marketing a business or any kind can be a challenge. For plumbers, it can be difficult because customers only tend to call when they have an emergency. It’s also very competitive.

The best thing to do is to position your business to be top of mind for customers who are trying to find a plumber when they need it. Readout some useful tips for the success of your plumbing business atΒ howtobecomeaplumber.org.

If you want your business to be that business, then keep reading to learn how you can market your plumbing business.

The Definition of Marketing Has Changed

The difference between people who run successful companies and those who are constantly struggling is how they perceive marketing.

With companies that are constantly struggling, they often view marketing as a one-time thing to get clients in the door. They don’t follow up or ensure that the client has a top experience.

Companies that are successful tend to look at the entire customer experience. They see customer service as part of marketing, along with providing a great overall experience, and then following up for reviews or referrals.

The reason these companies are successful is that they understand the value of customer relationships, where the unsuccessful companies are more focused on the transaction. In turn, these companies are constantly having to find new customers.

It costs anywhere between 5 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one.

Your existing customers might not always have plumbing needs, but you can bet that they know people who do. That’s how you can grow your business.

Your job in marketing is to put systems in place and use traditional marketing tactics to bring people in the door. Once you have people in the door, you give them an incredible experience before you help them with their plumbing issues. You also follow up with them and maintain the relationship, even if they don’t need your services.

That’s how you build a successful business.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at marketing from a holistic perspective, looking at the entire customer experience.

Getting People to Call

The biggest challenge for many plumbers is to make your phone ring often enough to keep your revenue steady and predictable.

There are a number of ways to do that, both online and offline.

Offline activities include participating in networking groups, your chamber of commerce, and sponsoring local events.

Online activities play a very important role, since most people turn to search engines first to find a plumber.

Even when someone learns about your business through offline activities, they’ll go online to find out more about your business.

Directory Listings

The first place that people will look online for a plumber is in directory listings. Google Maps will appear with options for plumbers.

To appear there, you need to have a few things in place. You need to have a Google Business listing and have the information completely filled out. You also need to have positive reviews on Google.


When people learn about your business, they’re going to expect that you have a website. Your website is a tool that can build credibility and trust with potential customers.

The design of your website needs to be modern and clean. If it looks like it hasn’t been updated in years, it can create a bad impression.

If you don’t know the first thing about website design, you’re better off outsourcing to a company like LinkNow. They specialize in building websites for plumbers.


When people search online for plumbers, they’re either trying to fix a problem themselves or they have an emergency.

You want to capture the attention of both types of customers.

A blog that helps people with DIY plumbing projects can help you gain attention. They’ll look at you as the expert in your field.

Not only that, you stand a better chance at ranking highly for other keywords, rather than trying to compete for highly competitive keywords like “plumber near me.”


The number of positive reviews influences SEO and potential customers. Research has shown that almost 90% of consumers look at reviews before making a purchase. Furthermore, they trust online reviews as much as a referral from a friend or relative.

You need to have a system in place to get reviews from your customers. It could be as simple as sending automated emails after service and having links on your website to direct people to leave reviews.

When Your Phone Rings

When your phone does ring, you need to be at the top of your game. Potential customers are put off by poor attitudes

They look for friendly and helpful people who can help them solve their plumbing issues. When you answer your phone, make sure you are that person.

You also want a way to follow up with them in case they don’t hire you. Have a customer relationship management system in place to take down their name,, email and phone number so you can follow up with them on a regular basis.

After Service Communication

When a customer hires you and you provide excellent service, it’s an excellent time to ask for an online review.

Be sure to add them to your email list to communicate with them regularly. Have a monthly newsletter with tips on how customers can maintain their plumbing.

These are easy ways to stay top of mind when customers don’t need your services just yet. When they do, they’ll be sure to call you.

Plumber Marketing Strategies That Work

If you want to grow your plumbing business from a one-person show to a thriving business, marketing will play a big role.

One of the biggest factors in successful plumbing marketing is to look at the entire customer experience as marketing. The better you are at providing a world-class experience before, during, and after service, the more likely you are to have repeat and referral customers.

When you combine traditional marketing tactics to generate new business, too, you have unlocked the secrets to a hugely successful business.

When you get to that point, you’ll need to read these articles on hiring and becoming an effective manager.

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