With so many companies in Toronto, understanding who to call when you have a specific problem in your home can help you save time and also money. The presence of water in your crawl space or basement can be obvious to you; a burst pipe. However, that might not always be the case as the problem could be something bigger. No matter the condition of your crawl space or basement, it is essential to assess and repair the water issue as soon as possible to prevent further structural damage and mould growth.

There are many ways water can get in your basement. It can do so through the holes and cracks on the basement floor and foundation walls. When there is heavy rain, poor drainage in your home can cause water to fall around the foundation, and a faulty sump pump can cause flooding. The build-up of moisture in the crawl space and basement can weaken the walls and lead to mould growth and bad odour. Luckily, there are many plumbing companies that you can call when you suspect the above problems. But who exactly do you call?

1. Who To Consult When You Have Wet Crawl Space And Basement

Choosing who to call when you suspect a wet basement in your home depends on particular signs you see in your home. Here are what each expert does and signs you should look for before choosing a specific professional.Β 

2. Restoration Contractor

The work of a restoration contractor is to repair damaged homes after destruction by either storm, fire, or floods. For flood damage, they utilise special tools such as dehumidifiers and air movers to make the basement completely dry. They also eliminate mould and identify hidden damages in the structure. A restoration contractor can also help you in the insurance claim process. So, you are supposed to call a restoration contractor if you see mould in your home. This can pose serious health issues if left to grow.

3. Plumber

The work of a plumber is to repair, install, and maintain drainage systems and water supply mechanisms in a home. This encompasses installing fixtures, unblocking pipes and repairing broken or leaking drains, a running toilet, and dripping taps.

With so many plumbing companies Toronto, it will be easy to get a plumber when you need one. Call a plumber when you see plumbing leaks in your home. The leaks may come from the water heater, pipes, toilet, faucet, or a washing machine. It is easy to identify a leak. Either you will see water dripping or wetness around the affected area. For best results, choose the best plumber Toronto.

4. Waterproofer

The worker of a waterproofer is to keep water away from the crawl space or the basement. Generally, a waterproofer fixed leaky fault lines in the basement walls and install water drainage mechanisms and sump pumps. Some waterproofing and plumbing companies Toronto also install dehumidifiers and compress crawl spaces. They also help in controlling water around the structure foundation by installing extensions to downspouts.

Call a waterproofer if you see the following

Cracks or holes in the basement floor or walls. If the soil is saturated with water, it develops hydrostatic pressure, and that pushes its way to the foundation. As a result, this force leads to some cracks that water penetrates through and get in the basement. A qualified contractor assesses the severity of the cracks and either repair them or recommends someone who can take care of that problem.

Exterior drainage. If the water gutters are clogged or are not well fitted, rainwater pours around the foundation and easily finds its way into the basement or the crawl space. This problem can easily be corrected by installing downspouts extensions and cleaning the gutters regularly. In addition, the soil near the foundation should slope away, so water doesn’t accumulate near the foundation, but rather drain away.Β 

Window leaks. Since basement windows are not usually waterproof, they are prone to leak. Window wells are the best ways to drain water away, as long as you keep them clean. If the window wells are leaking, learn how to stop water filling in them.

Sump pump issues. Many things can cause your sump pump to become defective. They include; tripped electrical breaker, stuck float, and blocked drain. A professional from plumbing companies Toronto will solve this issue and get your sump pump working properly again.

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