Are you dealing with cracks? Broken tiles? Discoloration?

Your swimming pool is part of your home. So it should reflect your personal style.

And nobody wants a broken down pool. But don’t worry, you don’t have to live with a pool that’s seen better days. You can remodel!

Yes! Pool remodeling is a thing! And here’s a quick guide for how to do it.

The Pool Remodeling Process Explained

There are four main ways to bring new life to your pool. 

First, you can change up the pool finish. This includes both the areas under and above the water. If your finish is in good shape, it might just benefit from a thorough washing and painting. 

If the pool finish is full of cracks, you’ll probably need to do a complete refinish. You may choose something more appealing like a tile mosaic. And this often flows from the bottom of the pool out to the decking for a seamless look.

Consider adding features to your pool. This includes cool lighting, water slides, and waterfalls. You may even want to tack on a hot tub for good measure.

Then you’ll want to take a look at the area around the pool, called the decking. Add wood planks, a stone walkway, or pavers around the pool. The decking is important because it keeps dirt and sand out of the pool when people enter.

Finally, you want to consider upgrading your pool’s technology and safety. Add a pool cover to save energy and water. Or add safety fencing around the pool area to protect young children and pets. 

For a detailed look at the options available, get more info here. And remember, pools are tricky. Always hire a contractor who specializes in pools.

Steps to a Nicer Pool

The first step in almost every pool remodel is to drain the pool. But first, a warning: never drain your underground pool unless you’ve discussed it with an expert first. Draining a pool can cause serious damage to the underlying structure. 

Your pool contractor will take the correct steps to make sure the pool drains properly. After they drain the pool, they’ll prepare it for resurfacing. During this phase, your contractor removes (usually by sandblasting) the old surface of the pool.

This phase of the remodel is the dirtiest. Move outdoor plants and furniture away from the pool while they do this work. And make sure that the contractor has a plan to clean up the rest of your yard when they’re done.

After they remove the old surface, they’ll fix any underlying structural or plumbing problems. This is also when the contractor builds or adds onto the pool. If excavation work is necessary, this could take a few days. 

Next, the contractor resurfaces the pool. This process can take a few hours or up to three days depending on the surface you’ve chosen. Finishes like pebble and quartz require an extra step called an acid wash to remove buildup. 

After that, they clean up the pool surface and begin filling it. Filling takes between 8-48 hours depending on the size. 

Filling the pool takes a few special steps. Cleaning and curing are essential during the first seven days. Discuss this process with your contractor when that time comes.

Ideas to Make Your Remodel Spectacular

There are so many options on the market. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to make your pool remodel spectacular. 

Have Fun with Lighting

Some of the best pool technology revolves around lighting. Play with the lights under the pool water. Add different colored LED bulbs to change the color of the pool with your mood.

Have your contractor add more underwater lights around the pool instead of relying on one, big light. Use dimming switches to change the brightness. And set them up on separate circuits so you can light up certain areas of the pool at different times. 

Consider adding glow-in-the-dark mosaic tiles at the bottom of your pool. These tiles “charge” during day and glow at night. Make beautiful patterns that glow for up to 6 hours with these beautiful tiles.

About That Deck…

Lighting doesn’t have to be under the water. Work with the lighting around the pool too. Add several post lamps around the pool to give the deck area a soft glow. 

Or build the lighting into the deck itself. This gives the pool area a beautiful, nighttime ambiance. And it improves safety by providing a clear, lighted path to the pool.

Also, consider sprucing up your decking with stonework. Expand the existing deck by adding a patio for a table and chairs. Pool pavers are another great option if you like clean lines and an upscale look.

Add a Touch of Fire

There’s nothing better than hopping out of a cool pool and sitting around a fire at night. A stone fireplace is a great addition to any pool area. You can even get them equipped with grills to cook on. 

Firepots are small bowls that sit on stones or pedestals. Gas flames splash up from the bowls, providing a burst of firelight. They’re a great alternative to LED lights.

And you can’t go wrong with an old-fashioned fire pit. Build your pit directly into the stone around your pool for a seamless look. And create built-in stone benches around the pit for a complete outdoor experience.

Bring on the Beach

Consider adding a beach entry to your pool. This is when the floor of the pool slopes up to the edge just like it would at the beach. 

You can do this type of entry in many different finishes. Choose to do it in the same color as the pool bottom for a more subtle look. Or use color gradients to make this unique entry pop. 

Try coloring the bottom of your pool a light brown to mimic the look of sand. Use assorted tiles to create the look of a rocky surface beneath. 

Don’t Throw in the Towel… Remodel!

Yes! Pool remodeling is a thing! And it’s a wonderful way to spruce up an old, rundown pool.

Remember avoid disaster by hiring a contractor that specializes in remodeling pools. And follow their guidance when draining and filling your pool to avoid problems with the pool foundation. Beat the summer heat in your newly remodeled pool this summer!

Looking for more ways to revamp your life this summer? Try changing your look! Check out these fun ways to change your look this summer.

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