Taking surveys is one of the easiest ways to earn money online.

Whether you join dedicated surveys for money like Survey Junkie and Pinecone Research or indulge in a combination of tasks through Swagbucks and InboxDollars, surveys are the fastest options to bag easy money.

Despite that, not all of us can go through long questionnaires and answer them with accuracy. But, since the money is good, we can’t help but wonder, is it possible to complete surveys without doing them?

Well, the notion sounds hilarious at first glance, but think about it. No site is void of loopholes that people like us can use and get the advantage we need.

We have to say that this is unethical and even impossible on so many levels. However, let’s explore the possibility of completing surveys and getting paid without actually doing them.

How Can You Complete Surveys Without Doing Them?

Without further ado, let’s get to the meat of the matter. So, is it possible to complete surveys without doing them? Well, hate to burst your bubble, but it’s probably not possible.

However, there are some ways you can get away with it and still get paid if you’re sneaky enough. Here are some ways we rounded up for people who want to do nothing and even get paid.

Rush Randomly Through the Questionnaire

This isn’t technically ‘not doing a survey,’ but it will take you almost no time. Remember, survey sites don’t pay you to answer their questions.

Rather, they pay you to provide your personal opinions that they can use for market research. So, if you’re not providing a real viewpoint, you’re not really taking the survey at all.

Just signup for a legit survey site that offers lots of surveys every day. Now, when you pick a survey you want to get paid for, simply skim through the questions and select random options. Before you realize, the survey will be done.

In this case, if the survey typically takes about 15-20 mins to complete, it will take you less than 10 mins. Moreover, if you’ve selected the survey through sites that notify you about surveys you qualify for, you’ll definitely get paid for it.

We’re not saying that the site won’t ever realize what you’re doing. Nevertheless, you can quickly shift to another survey site when it does. There are more than enough options for you to try out.

Get Someone Else to Complete Them for You

If you’re someone who wants a piece of the survey sites revenue but doesn’t really have the time for it, you can ask someone to create an account on your behalf, and get paid for it.

However, to get away with this, you’ll have to find someone who has the time and is willing to work for you. Also, the person should be trustworthy enough to keep your sensitive information safe. The idea works better if the person is from a demographic location that doesn’t qualify for many survey sites.

This way, your identity will help him through the site, and you can share the revenue without actually doing the surveys at all.

Share Someone Else’s Credentials

If you’ve been through reviews of popular survey sites, you probably know that most of them are only available for people from specific demographic locations. Also, some areas let users join according to their profession and education level as well.

Considering these specifications, it’s likely that you don’t qualify for the survey site you want to join. In this case, you can use the credentials of someone who qualifies. You’ll be earning this way by completing surveys, without actually doing them under your real name.

Besides that, if you don’t know anyone who qualifies for lucrative survey sites, you can bend your own credentials from here and there until you’re accepted on the platform.

Don’t Take Online Surveys at All

We know what you’re thinking; all the options mentioned above are not exactly the best practices you could brag about. Unfortunately, there’s no other way of completing surveys without doing them.

Unless you choose not to do them at all. If you can’t or don’t want to complete surveys for whatever reason, they’re not the only way to earn money online.

You can select from many other earning opportunities such as playing games, watching videos, getting cash back, or even trying out freelance gigs.

Are These Methods Okay to Use?

We’ll be downright honest about this; no, they’re not okay to use. First of all, survey sites don’t pay you for free. The money they give you is a price for the information you provide to benefit their research or cause.

So, by rushing through surveys or completing them without much effort and interest, you’ll be clearly wasting their time and money. That’s not exactly a good thing to do for a site offering you money for a simple task that requires almost no skills.

Besides that, survey creators are smarter than you think. Most surveys have trick questions to detect foul play, and if you fail at that, you won’t be paid even if you complete it. Also, if you carry out the same practice multiple times, you can end up getting banned from the site for good.

Similarly, signing up under someone else’s name or providing your credentials to someone online is serious malpractice. If the web site’s security system catches you, they can disqualify you or block you from all survey platforms.

Final Words

Wrapping this article up, let’s put up a straight answer to the question, is it possible to complete surveys without doing them?

The honest answer to this, according to us, would be no. Unless you use sneaky methods. These include doing them in a rushed manner or getting someone else to do them for you. Mind you, all these methods are highly risky and get you into trouble.

Most importantly, it’s unethical to pose as you’ve completed a survey when you actually haven’t.

Having said that, there are many other ways besides taking surveys to earn money online, so you can go for them without indulging in any malpractice.

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