Jp Morgan is informing pre-paid card holder by the hackers who have taken small of data from their servers and can hack your account anytime.


Hackers team attacked on the bank server in July and their expert team found the hacker threats in September .After that they resolve the problem and informed the customer about the hackers who tried to hack personal data of the account holders.

Bank has no found any complaint about the misuse of account information. On inquiring by the customer they told that hacker were only successful for stealing small portion of data.

These prepaid card were issued to the government agencies and employees for withdrawing their benefits, pays, taxes and other cash services. After this incident the bank contacted about the 50,000 customer for inquiring about any misuse of their account by the hackers.

They warned to all card holders for this hacking incident and instruct them to change their security settings as soon as possible.

The officers will discover soon the account detail which are affected by the hacker that report will be revealed within this week while are avoiding to discuss about how hackers reached to their web servers. This warning is made to only U-card holder not other like debit, credit or visa card holders.

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