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Preaching the Power of Prayer: The Surprising Benefits of Going to Church

A research conducted by the Pew Research Center indicated that over 70 % of the population in the United States is Christian. Out of this, a quarter was evangelical and only a small percentage doubted the existence of God. This shows that the US is largely religious.

While being religious is a good thing, the number that regularly attends church service has been declining. Why do people go to church?

Would you be shocked to know that studies show that going to church and attending a weekly service can benefit your overall physical health?

Below we list the surprising benefits of going to church.

1. High Levels of Social Support

People who attend church services tend to congregate into small groups and unions. These unions act as ‘a brother’s keeper’ monitoring the well-being of another. The groups are quick to respond to distress facing any of their members.

The social glue that binds groups helps in ensuring individuals are doing well health-wise. They share foods and small gifts among one another. This action uplifts the minds of the members giving them hope and a sense of belonging.

This cohesion and brotherliness are one of the key points advocated by churches in Richmond, Texas as well most churches in the world.

2. Better Quality Life and Health

The church provides those in attendance with specific guidelines on how to live their life. The church is greatly involved in the character of individuals and how this relates to provision from God. For example, the church does not allow the use of drugs for leisure. It also condemns promiscuous sexual activities.

These are general health benefits that your physician would recommend too. By going to church regularly, this message is repeated over and over again. This leads to a conviction that you need to avoid some of the substances that can cause you poor health.

There is also faith healing as a growing field of study and that even doctors consider when treating terminally ill patients. Churches in Richmond TX are keen on promoting better health of their members.

3. You Grow Your Brain Power

The church teaches concepts that require the use of imagination. For example, Christians believe in the existence of God, yet no one has seen him in his physical form. By believing that God is present everywhere and every day, you force your brain to develop imaginable images of God.

Christianity also helps an individual with expanding their knowledge on issues beyond their locality. Some of the books in the Bible were written by very knowledgeable authors and sometimes understanding what they mean expands your intellect.

4. You Tend To Live Longer By Going to Church

Research has shown that people who attend church regularly live longer by at least three years. A research conducted on women attending church twice per week found out that they were likely to live longer by at least 33 percent.

It’s believed that Christianity inspires members to lead a positive life that is short of sin thus earning a longer life.

5. You Enjoy Better Sleep 

People who go to church regularly are known to have a better quality of sleep than those who don’t. The main reason for this is that those who go to church are taught on the need for not carrying too much worry. The burden is left to God.

While some has taken this concept to mean one cannot think on their own to solve their issues, it has been proven to work. Christians and other religious groups find it easy to relax and wait for the Lord to take away their worries. This reduces the chances of stress and depression.

6. Promotes Healthier Relationships and Identity

Church provides a neutral ground for people to engage with each other. The church also teaches on the importance of respect, love forgiveness, and tolerance which helps you learn how to relate with others. This enables the churchgoers to live in harmony with their families as well as the community in general.

The church also provides churchgoers with an identity. Though congregants might not know each other, they feel happy to be part of a community of God. This provides people of different affiliations with the opportunity to belong to each other’s club.

For example, in Richmond, Texas, the Parkway Fellowship conducts small groups’ discovery programs. They help members explore the Christian faith while knowing their neighbors and finding a place that they are comfortable.

7. Promotes Accountability and Schedule

Church members operate in small units and groups that visit each other or conduct both spiritual and family matters together. They help each other grow spiritually hence becoming their guardians. This promotes a sense of being accountable to each other.

One of the strong practice of church members is that once they meet after a period of time, they share testimonies of things God has done to them.

8. Less Likelihood to Contract Mental Issues

Spirituality has been documented to provide a person with better relaxation and peace of mind. Research has shown that religious people are at a lower risk of developing mental ailments and conditions. These include depression, anxiety, and stress.

The rationale is the ability to dedicate your worries to a higher being. This then makes you believe that there is a higher being in control of your life and who is keen on making your life a success.

Go to Church and Enjoy the Benefits

Scientists and religious leaders have often agreed on the health benefits of going to church for individuals. This goes beyond creating a stronger relationship with God but avoiding some of the practices that affect your health.

A different group of researchers has concluded that, by regularly going to church, you reduce chances of mortality and you lead a better life.

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