Princess Madeleine Of Sweden Marries US-British Businessman

In Stockholm, fourth in line to the throne of Sweden, Princess Madeleine, got married to Christopher O’Neill, US-British businessman.

Aged 30 years, she returned from New York to Swedish capital, where 2 years back, she got to meet Mr O’Neill.Around 500 gests got invited for the ceremony at Royal Chapel, built in Stockholm.

The royal family of Sweden enjoys a wide support of public and ceremony got broadcast live over the state TV.

The elder sister of the Princess, Crown Princess Victoria, wed Daniel Wesling, personal trainer of the princess, 3 years ago in Stockholm. The wedding this Saturday wasn’t considered a big occasion.

Whole of Swedish capital got transformed for celebrations in June of the year 2010.Along with other guests and many royal families from Europe, John Taylor from the pop group of UK, Duran Duran, also was seen.

Knot was tied by the couple in this ceremony which was part English and part Swedish. Then they were due to participate in a procession of carriage and horse through Gamla Stan, the old medieval town.

Known also as Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland, Princess Madeleine got to meet the bridegroom in New York when she worked for World Childhood Foundation.

Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf’s youngest child has kept low profile after moving to US in the year 2010 when her engagement with some Swedish lawyer abruptly ended.

Her relationship with Swedish press tends to be complicated too, as she was dubbed as party princess after being spotted frequenting the high-end clubs of Stockholm, when she was in early twenties.

An editor, Roger Lundgren, told that the occasion wasn’t big like the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria as Princess Madeleine wasn’t successor to throne and also because that was private wedding as king was himself paying for the occasion.

The list of royal guests included Sophie and Prince Edward; Japan’s Princess Takamado; princesses and princes from Monaco, Norway, Greece, Denmark and Luxembourg.

On Friday the Royal Court informed that the wedding dress for Madeleine was prepared by Valentino Garavi, an Italian designer.

It is expected that the couple would return to US and they would continue to work after wedding.

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