Prom night is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for high school students. There is a unanimous sense of thrill that gropes the air throughout the many months leading up to prom. Students cannot wait to throw on fancy jewelry, wear heels, and put on a lovely dress for this riveting occasion. And though this is an exciting time, girls are incredibly anxious about choosing the perfect dress for themselves for this special night. But fret no more! We have shortlisted the top nine latest trends of prom dresses for you. Go through these trends and find the one that perfectly encapsulates your sense of fashion. Prom Dresses by Jovani have countless promising outfits to give you just the outlook you have in mind!

So without further ado, let’s have a look at these stylish trends in turn.

Prom Dresses By Jovani

1. Exquisite Ball Gowns Are Timeless

Be it whatever age and time, ball gowns remain an evergreen trend. You might want to be a step ahead of the others for those of you who have an eye on the crown for prom queen. And, these ball gowns have just the elegant princess-outlook for you. The charming ball gowns feature a heavy skirt with ruffles (so you can do the perfect twirl) and an embroidered bodice. You have the liberty of selecting a mesmerizing color, adjusting the narrowness of the bodice, and modifying it with pretty pearls and stones that embellish it further. Spice up your dress with puffed sleeves and a strapless bodice. With this glamorous ball gown, make a graceful walk down the staircase, and you are bound to be the center of attention throughout the night!

Exquisite Ball Gowns

2. Two-Piece Prom Dresses Give The Perfect Contemporary Outlook

The two-piece prom dresses are the modern-day rendition of the classical ball gowns. While encapsulating the same classic essence, these dresses add a contemporary touch to the outfit. Featuring a low crop top and a short/long skirt, the two-piece dresses are easy to get designed as per your demands. You can have an enjoyable time choosing the colors for the pieces and experimenting with various styles. Some people prefer having a monochrome look with matching colors of top and skirt, while others prefer stark contrast. Regardless, you should try having a difference in texture if not in color. If the top is made of chiffon or lace, then go for a silk skirt with a beautiful flared bottom. When it comes to creating a chic modern look, your best bet is with a two-piece prom dress.

3. High-Low Gowns To Be Extra Glamorous

The high-low gowns are stunning. These dresses have a high hemline at the front, exposing the legs, and a low hemline at the back as the skirt falls below your knees. You can also choose to have a gathered waist to increase the volume of your skirt. Designers often create a beautiful contrast of hues between the hemline and the skirt. The gradient of shades makes the outfit stand out on any occasion.

4. Open Back Prom Dresses For A Bold, Hot Look

Open back dresses make up the best-posed photos. An event like prom is a perfect occasion to flaunt some bare skin and get photographed looking your gorgeous self. These dresses feature a low back that falls to the waist and can be paired with a sequin bodice.

For a fascinating look, you can choose to opt for a short backless dress that reaches your mid-thigh.  Go and show some legs on your prom night, and win the dance floor with your hot outfit.

Open Back Prom Dresses For A Bold, Hot Look

5. Off-shoulder Dresses Remain The Ever-Favorite

If you are bold enough to flaunt some skin, then off-shoulder dresses will make a perfect choice. These dresses are elegant with their low neckline that reveals your bare shoulders to give a fascinating look. Off-shoulder dresses can also be accessorized with delicate necklaces that fall at the collarbone. Pair matching heels with this dress, and you are all set to avert some heads at prom night!

6. Sparkle The Night With A Sequin Dress

Wish to stand out amongst the crowd? There’s no better way than to don a sequin dress. With this glittery outfit, you can add sparkle to the room and hold the attention of everyone in your palms. Under the glow of the disco ball, this dress will glimmer as you dance the night away. Thin-strapped sequin dresses with low necklines make an utterly hot outfit, and there’s no better occasion to wear them than at your much-awaited prom.

7. Look Regal In Lace Prom Dress

For those wanting an elaborate, gorgeous look, a lace dress is an excellent place to start. Intricate lacework amplifies any attire, and the contrast of shades and colors quickly makes the outfit look high-end and chic. While flared lace dresses make a graceful outlook, a short lace dress with an open back is becoming increasingly popular for its hot design. Neutral shades like tea-pink, ice-blue, and lemon are excellent choices for a lace dress.

8. Mermaid Dress To Accentuate The Figure

The Mermaid Prom Dress is designed explicitly for women willing to flaunt their body curves. The mesmerizing dress is figure-flattering and accentuates the female body figure at the bust and the waist before opening into a flared skirt at the bottom. Those of you wishing to be a little daring can even go for a neckline that drops at the midriff. A strapless bodice or off-shoulder sleeves are excellent modifications to the mermaid dress designed to bring out your perfect feminine figure. With this glamorous dress, you can even click some naughty pictures at your prom.

Mermaid Dress To Accentuate The Figure

9. Classic Velvet Dress

Velvet has been a material of royalty. It has a seamless flow and effortlessly fits around the body. A rich-hued velvet dress with thin straps and a tight waist gives any woman a luxurious outlook. Not only does this dress exude luxury, but it is also very comfortable for the wearer as the material is soft and barely causes any discomfort. You are promised to spend a cozy night in a velvet prom dress!

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