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Properties You Need To See in Luxembourg

To be in one of the world’s richest countries is sweet! Who wouldn’t want that? A place that could come to mind is Luxembourg. It could be a coincidence that the first three letters of its name mean wealthy. But, it is well known to be the second richest country in the world.

Being landlocked by three great European countries, Luxembourg earns its own prestige. Few of the land close by it see its vast selection of settlements despite its minute size.

You might be planning to move to the country. So, if you are looking for a simple living or want a touch of luxury, you can find one that fits your taste.

In this article, learn about the properties you need to see in Luxembourg. Also, take note of things you need to consider when looking for a place to stay.

Living The Lux Life

So, before you seal a deal with one of the country’s wealthy estates, have a quick peek inside its economy.

Another staggering fact about the country is that it is next to Paris, one of the most costly places in Europe. So that is what also makes it one of the places with high-value real estate. In 2021, a square meter price of a lot cost, on average, 31.43 Euros.

Despite the soaring real estate prices, Luxembourg still belongs to places where people want to live. In the world rankings, Luxembourg is in the top five best countries to raise a family.

It is also one of the countries that offer the highest quality of living in the world. According to Observatoire de l’habitat, more and more people give the country a visit. That includes both those who plan to settle for good or who only go backpacking.

For that reason, the housing demand had gone up.

Properties You Need To See in Luxembourg

There are many furnished units in the city that can become your new home. Take an initial look at them when you go to online marketplaces for houses and apartments overseas.

According to a statistic, more than 40 percent of foreigners lives in the country.

That is now almost half of the number of their local people. Thus, apartments, condos, homes for rent, and Airbnb surfaced in the country. That reserves anyone a place to stay even if they have not been there.

Luxembourg is not only famous for its architectural heritage but also a prospect for real estate investing. Here are different properties worth seeing in Luxembourg:

Tourist and Landmark Properties

Before checking out places to stay, the following are properties worth seeing during your stay in the country:

Palais Grand-Ducal

You can see the Luxembourg Palais Grand-Ducal in Luxembourg City. It is where the Grand Duke of Luxembourg takes residence. And the property is signed under his family’s name.

Many governors, dukes, and representatives lived on the property throughout the ages. The Palais Grand-Ducal is a property worth seeing in Luxembourg.

You can check out its state-of-the-art architectural design. You can also learn about the royal family’s history while checking the property.

Old Quarter, Luxembourg

There are many landmark properties that tourists can see in Luxembourg. Top of this list is the Old Quarter. The properties are adjoining the Alzette and Pétrusse Rivers.

The landmark property received a UNESCO World Heritage Site designation in 1994. Through the years, there was a dismantling of the original look of the properties. However, the layouts worth the sight of tourists are still there. There remains the heritage and history of all buildings on the property.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame

The Cathédrale Notre-Dame is a Jesuit church located in Luxembourg. The property has a gothic nature to it. That makes it a place to visit if you are into the Renaissance period.

The property is part of the country’s public heritage and, therefore, not for sale. However, it is available for public visits. You can enjoy the property’s sight and immense historical value.

Countryside Living

Countryside life is for people who prefer silence and simple ways of living. Many immigrants who go to Luxembourg with their families establish a life in rural areas. This way, they can be away from the stress of the city.

Wood House in Merzig, Luxembourg

When you are checking out Luxembourg, up northwest of the capital is Merzig. The wood house characterizes a sustainable type of property.

The home within the property is energy-efficient with bright four bedrooms. The property is on the market for around €1.78 million. The property has a 2,260 square foot area near forests and farmlands.

You should see the property if you prefer a serene and stress-free environment.


According to Housing Observatory, Bertrange is the most expensive place to live in Luxembourg.

The municipality has the highest average prices for apartments and properties. In 2021, the cost of buying an apartment was €11,790 on average per square meter.

Several inns can accommodate you within the city or find a few in the countryside. Ex-pats tend to look for apartments because they will only live in the country for some time.

Other workers will only stay in the country for a while and thus will not commit to a long-term stay. If you only plan to stay in the country for a short time, you can try renting.

Apartment rentals are the new housing trend in Luxembourg. Even local families rent apartments since they find it the most convenient way to acquire a house.


Many real estate investors in Luxembourg search for Mansions. These are great investments that give out high value to the country. For instance, the Grand Duchy estate helps many real estate investors in the country.

The EU Commission found that the prices of real estate in the country increased by 45 percent. According to Statec, the average house in Luxembourg City is €1.4 million.

Many investors opt for vacation houses away from the city. There are no sea views here, being surrounded by a landmass. But, there are places where water lovers can overlook reservoirs and lakes. The most expensive neighborhood is in the district of Limpertsberg. The place is a former rose field near business hotspots.

Wrapping Up

Luxembourg is a destination and a home. Many still want to live in the country despite some basic needs prices soaring. It’s necessary to check out places you have to see in the country before getting on that plane ride. Doing this will avoid any problems or issues you might encounter that may ruin your stay.

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