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Property Can Be A Great Business Investment

One of the best things about property investments is that, despite a few hits and misses throughout the years, they seem to grow at a steady pace. Housing prices in the US rose by 10% in many areas in 2018, with some areas doubling and even tripling that figure. For instance, Buffalo, New York saw a jump of 34.6%. For investors, this massive boost of the housing market can have a great effect on their confidence levels. After the mortgage crash of 2008, this is welcome news. Although life as a landlord or property owner may have its challenges, such as tenants and taxes, there are other benefits apart from rentals to consider.

Increase Your Asset Line

For businesses, one of the reasons property is a boost to the balance sheet is because it tends to appreciate in value. Even if property happens to depreciate, there are some taxation rules to ensure that the loss to the business is mitigated. For the most part, having an asset in the business strengthens the position of the business and improves its value. The repayment on a property may also have tax benefits if the property happens to be where the business trades from.

Easy To Finance

While some equipment and other assets in a business may need to be motivated in order to be considered for finance, properties tend to be a little easier to finance. This is because properties act as their own security and are easily realisable in the event that the bank needs to liquidate the property. Borrowers are also often required to put down a deposit. The security value of a property also opens the door for mortgage finance to those who may previously have been turned away, as the risk is significantly lowered in comparison to a business loan.

Great Source Of Future Funding

In good market conditions, properties tend to increase in value. As owners pay off the capital outstanding, the equity in the property increases. Businesses are always in need of cheap funding, and an equity loan is often a great route to follow. Not only is the interest payments on a mortgage relatively low, but the term can be adjusted to suit the needs of the borrower. Borrowers may also go the traditional business loan route and register a covering mortgage on the equity, which is ceded to the financial institution. If you want to invest and need to consult you can contact at Bellwether Capital.

Businesses have the opportunity to reduce their rentals and own an asset outright when they consider property investment.

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