Ransomware is like someone kidnapping your files or data. A criminal will lock down every critical system in your business that they can get their hands on, and then hold you data hostage in a ransomware attack.

These criminals have been attacking more and more businesses lately. Extorting money and sometimes destroying companies. It has been estimated that ransomware attacks cost businesses all over the world 11 digits in US dollars in 2019 alone.

So, how can you protect your business from a ransomware attack and avoid being in the report for this year’s attacks? You seek out a person who is an expert in any type of a ransomware attack.

Also, use the five pointers below and protect your company from being targeted by criminals.

Check out the tips below

Have a Reliable Backup System

The world has seen many ransomware attacks where people refused to pay the money to the criminals. But instead, they spent 12 or more times the money to restore their systems. All because they didn’t have proper backups of their data.

Furthermore, you can’t count on your hosting site’s backup as well. Since they store the backup data on the same servers where they keep the original, a criminal would get access to both if they pursue it.

That’s why you need to have offsite backups. If you can’t afford it yourself, then hire a third-party service to back up your data.

Understand Email Security

Emails are among the most popular methods used by criminals to release their ransomware files. If the computer that gets ransomware is connected to a network, everyone on it will be hacked as well. From there, it goes on and on.

That is why your employee needs to know the difference between a fake and genuine email. Since the criminals nowadays have gotten very smart, you might need an expert in ransomware attacks to come in and teach everyone.

Download Only From Trusted Sources

The internet is filled with malware, and there are thousands of sites just waiting for you to download one of their infected files. As soon as the malware gets the chance, it will enter your system and do what it was programmed for. Being in the unknown about that is terrifying itself.

That’s why you and your employees should only download files from reputable sources. Other than that, it might be beneficial to learn about the signs of a proper website. It will help you distinguish the legitimate from the threat.

Regular Update Systems and Programs

Many people dread the sight of an update notification on their handheld device, laptop, or computer. However, updates are actually extremely beneficial for your safety and security.

Devices, software, operating systems, plugins, apps, themes, and every other digital thing has regular updates. The reason why they want you to update is that they found some holes in the system and want to patch it up.

That means these updates make your systems less vulnerable to attackers and give you more protection than before.

Some of these companies even tell the users what was wrong with the previous version. If you don’t update in time, hackers can use that explanation and easily get into your systems.

Restrict Employee Access

Most companies that store a lot of data, much of which might be sensitive, have levels of access for employees. Every person in the company has an electronic card or specific credentials that allow them access to the data.

This method is extremely efficient, as the attackers won’t be able to access everything unless they get the person with the highest level of clearance.

Doing this will also eliminate the chances of lower-level employees stealing company secrets and selling them.

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