Everyone keeps telling us to spend more time in nature. Doctors, psychologists, authors, and influencers all encourage us to spend more time outside.

And we aren’t arguing with them. Something inside of ourselves knows it to be true. Whether we understand why or not, we long to spend more time outdoors.

Most of the time, though, we can’t justify taking the time out of our busy schedules to spend a few hours in nature. But the psychological benefits of being in nature, along with the physical health benefits, should cause us to prioritize time outside more than most things.

It’s time to shift our thinking. We need to understand the benefits of being in nature to more easily allocate resources, such as time, money, and energy, to getting outside every week, if not every day.

Here are nine nature benefits to justify your next excursion, whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 weeks.

1. Find Inspiration

Find Inspiration

We all experience the slump, the lull, the boredom of everyday life. Wake up, work, pay bills, watch TV, and get ready for tomorrow.

It’s not the life we were made for. But it’s hard to feel motivated to make changes. What we need is some fresh inspiration.

The best way to get true, authentic inspiration? Spend as much time as you can in natural settings.

Nature has an incredible way of bringing out the best, truest thoughts and desires from the deepest parts of us. Many revolutionary ideas have been birthed out of simple strolls through the countryside.

2. Boost Creativity

There’s a reason that so many artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and world-changers spend time outdoors. Nature has a way of engaging our creative side.

The sights, sounds, smells, and sensations experienced outdoors can engage your imagination in ways that four walls can never do.

What’s even more incredible is that we can bring the benefits of nature to our living rooms and backyards. Yes, it’s ideal to spend time in completely natural environments, submerging our senses in the natural world.

But the reality is, we spend most of our time at home and at work, where we put our creativity and motivation into action. Visit https://nature-niche.com/ to bring the joy of nature home.

3. Problem Solving

Problem Solving

How do most people spend time outdoors? They go for a walk.

Whether it’s a stroll through a local park or hiking mind-blowing trails, walking is the best way to experience the outdoors.

Walking also encourages our problem-solving abilities. Researchers have found that our ability to come up with creative solutions jumps by 60% when we go for a walk instead of sitting.

Do you still think you don’t have time to go for a morning walk before work?

4. Encourage Movement and a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s very rare to get out into the natural world and be sedentary. The mountains, rivers, trees, and trails beckon us forward, causing us to walk, run, climb, or swim.

The child inside us is awakened each time we allow ourselves to return to a natural setting, such as a park, a trail, a beach, or a lake. We can’t help but engage the world around us.

Simply by being in nature, you’ll move your body in ways that your home and work life never require you to. Our bodies will come alive as we hike up hills, cycle along dirt paths, paddle down a flowing river, and set up camp under the stars.

The health benefits of nature are too many to count. But one thing is certain; more time outside, especially in natural environments, leads to a healthier mind and body. Nature and health are linked. There’s a reason we have the often unexplainable urge for wild, natural places.

5. More Time In Nature Creates More Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. In fact, everyone deserves to be happy.

Happiness, or the pursuit of happiness, is the reason we work so hard for so many years. We always think it’s something we can earn.

But what if you can experience it right now? You can. It’s outside waiting for you to come and enjoy. Spending time in nature might not solve your problems, heal your relationships, and help you win the lottery.

But it will absolutely help you find contentment today. And that’s what happiness is.

6. Less Stress

Want to lower stress and reduce anxiety? We all do.

Nature is one of the best remedies. More time outside, in beautiful, relaxing, natural areas, will work to lower stress.

There have been many books written and studies completed on how nature can work to lower stress. Don’t believe me? Go sit by a stream, listening to the water babbling and birds chirping, feeling the gentle breeze on your skin, and tell me how you feel.

7. More Fun

Computers, video games, phones, apps, social media, and other forms of technology are great tools. But at best, they are an illusion of fun.

Real fun is experienced outdoors, moving our bodies the way they were designed to move in incredible environments.

If someone doesn’t like spending time outdoors, they’ve likely never caught a fish or rode a wave before. They’ve probably never hiked up a mountain and saw the most rewarding view. Maybe they haven’t paddled down an exhilarating stretch of white water.

Nature is fun. We all need more fun in our lives.

8. Better Example To Children

Why do some children love being outside while others loathe it? A lot of it has to do with their role models.

Parents shape and mold their children more than anyone else. If parents never, or rarely, spend time outdoors, children aren’t likely to develop a love for the outdoors either.

We owe it to the next generation to unplug the devices long enough to have a real experience out in the real world.

9. Foster Environmental Stewardship

Foster Environmental Stewardship

The more time you spend in nature, the more you’ll come to love and appreciate the beauty of the natural world. You’ll also realize that so much of our modern society threatens what little nature still exists in our country and on our planet.

As such, you’ll find yourself willing to take action for the environment. The more nature advocates we have in our nation, the more nature we can protect for future generations.

This also helps to give people a sense of responsibility and a mission in life. Having a sense of purpose in this world is one of our greatest psychological needs.

The environment is worth fighting for. Will you answer the call?

Psychological Benefits of Being In Nature

The psychological benefits of being in nature are too many to count. But what you need to know is this; spending time in nature can lead to a healthier mind, heart, and body.

The natural environment can help you lower stress, find joy, and discover fun and inspiration to give your life newfound energy and purpose.

The question is if you’ll take the time to go outside or not. The choice is yours. But mother nature’s arms are always open.

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