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Questions to Ask Your Home Improvement Contractor

Whether you’re starting from scratch or renovating an existing home, you’ll have to make a lot of hard and important decisions. However, choosing the proper construction company is the first step in the process of building or renovating your home. Fortunately, there are several general contractor questions you can ask to help you select the greatest fit for your project.

Ask your home improvement contractor

Here are a few questions to ask your home improvement contractor.

Are you licensed & insured?

The number one and most important question to ask your home improvement contractor is – are you licensed?

The State Licensing Board For Contractors provides an online contractor search form. Is the contractor insured? First and foremost, your contractor should be covered by general liability insurance, which will safeguard your home and belongings in the event of an accident. For example, if they hit a water main and flood your home, you may rest assured that they will cover the costs of such a tragedy. Second, workers’ compensation insurance should be carried by your general contractor. This shields you from liability if someone gets wounded on your property while you’re working on it.

Can you provide references?

Consult with previous clients who used the general contractor you’re contemplating. Inquire about both the method and the end result. Budgeting, timeliness, and professionalism are all topics to be discussed. Credible sources are one of the finest ways to learn more about a possible general contractor.

How long will the project take?

If you have a deadline in mind, it’s critical that you have a clear image of when the contractor will start and finish work on your project. Perhaps you’re expecting a child or need to relocate from your existing residence. Whatever the reason, inquire about any scenarios that may cause your completion date to be pushed back. This is also an excellent time to inquire about how many projects they have on the go at the moment. Also, be certain that the timeline is reasonable. More information on the typical project timeframe for a new house build may be found here.

Who gets the building permits?

You may require approval from the county, city, or even your HOA. Furthermore, most remodeling projects that alter a home’s structure will necessitate some form of approval. A qualified general contractor will be aware of any essential building permits and should handle them directly for your project.

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