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Quick But Healthy Slow Cooker Dinners

Life is fast-paced these days. Whether it is rushing out the door to get to work or rushing home to get the kids to a soccer game on time, you’ll likely find that you are rushing now more than you have ever before. Given the prevalence and capabilities of technology these days, you wouldn’t think that this would be the case at all. Unfortunately, this has just become a normal part of reality for many. Rushing not only makes it hard to spend good, quality time together as a family, but it makes it even harder to stop, plan, and prepared a good, healthy meal plan.

This is why most families today just opt to eat out. Eating out not only costs more but you just never know who or how your food is handled. While it might be hard to eliminate the hysteria of today’s modern lifestyle, it is possible to make dinner a litter easier and quicker. The answer is the slow cooker. Couple it with the right recipes, and you’ll be able to whip up healthy, decadent meals with plenty of leftovers.

Chicken Sliders

Love pulled pork? Who doesn’t? The only thing is that it isn’t exactly that healthy, with all those heavy sauces and thick bread. Well, this is where you can opt for chicken instead. Sure, it won’t take the same, but with this recipe, you’ll get the same meat consistency so it’ll be like you are enjoying a pulled pork slider. Combine this with the Indian flavors offered by this recipe, and you’ll be in heaven. Coconut milk and ginger combined with the butter chicken make for a gluten-free meal that anyone can enjoy and appreciate.

The Power Of Zucchini

When it comes to quick and easy, it is more than hard to beat what a dish like steamed zucchini has to offer. In fact, this is not only one of the easiest dishes that you’ll ever make in your life, but it is one of the cheapest and most convenient. Literally, all you need to are zucchini and water! The instant pot will do the rest of the magic and create a healthy dish that’ll transform your life.

Bean And Barley

The two ingredients just sound like they were made for each other – bean and barley. Well, try them together and you’ll have no choice but to agree. When combined, these two powerful ingredients create a vegetarian protein that is hard to match. In fact, these two together create the same essential amino acids, protein, and fiber that you’d find in a big slab of meat. Perfect for anyone with diabetes or blood sugar issues, as this slow cooker soup stabilizes the blood sugar levels to help cut down on the after-dinner munchies. A soup that will go longer and sustain you like a slab of meat? What more needs to be said?

Coconut Chicken Curry

Want to take the original chicken and put a unique spin on it? Then take advantage of this delicious yet healthy chicken recipe. It’s simply comforting and will hit the spot on those cold winter nights. The curry just brings the entire dish together beautifully and given the fact that it is made without milk or butter, this recipe is one that is perfect for the dairy-conscious individuals.


Eating healthy is never easy. Eating quick and healthy seems impossible, but that is clearly not the case when you take advantage of the above recipes. Double the ingredients if you have the room and you’ll be able to make enough of these dishes for two or possibly three nights, depending on the number you intend to serve.

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