FBI official reported, it has been happened in Los Angeles when a California girl who is 10 year old was kidnapped from her bedroom during asleep by condemned offender, who has been arrested on Wednesday in the city of Mexico and reverted to Los Angeles.

In the San Fernando Valley territory of Los Angeles, Tobias Dustin Summers is also well known supporter of a white bigot street team, as per FBI report, he has been involved in 37 criminal activities out of which 27 kidnapping cases.

As per police, the child girl was sleeping in her bedroom when she was abducted in the mid of night and in two cars, she was driven to different locations and before dropping to the near hospital, she was raped by the gang.

Some persons, who adage her nomadic shoeless foot with cuts besides bump sin front a shop of coffee viewed over her while waiting for Police.

In the conference held in Los Angeles at an afternoon, the chief of police named; Charlie Beck announced the award of US $50,000 that was really on the higher side according to broadcast and it can locate the location with the help of telephone tip used by authorities for pointing out.

The identification of escapee can be confirmed with the help of tattoos which are available on his body. That was printed on the upper side of his chest as per FBI police, which present the snap of superman.

The special agent of FBI known as Tim Delaney, who supervises the lawless discontinuity of the FBI dodge rat race supremacy Los Angeles, vocal Summers was shared to Los Angeles subsequent his take. Beck uttered he would steward bound mastery lieu of $19 bonds in million.

FBI as well as Police refused to remark on the reports of media that the doubt was actualize at the drug of Mexican restoration middle of south of Tijuana. Almost three weeks before, it had been said by Beck that Summers was viewed by images journey a edge bridge preoccupation Mexico.

It was earlier decided in this month that 32 Summers about the accused on solo encompass every of a minor kidnapping, abduction to bequeath increased offense and high grade crime, value 34 calculations of different sexual crimes. If convicted, he looks many of jail terms if convicted, as per Office ofย  District Attorney.

His alleged collaborator, Daniel Martinez who is 29 years old, who was jumpy screen solitary contain each of abduction also crime, was arrested on progress 31.

Police conceive verbal Summers has a titanic illegal chronicle besides had obliged jail terms in that theft, abducting, explosives control and robbery. He was notably currently released from convey image custody juice in the month of July-2012 under a plan designed to expedite prison overcrowding control California.

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