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Ready For The Rig? Consider These 5 Perks Of Dabbing

If you are looking for a potent high and a flavorful experience, treat yourself to the perks Of dabbing. Over the past decade, hemp has exploded in popularity and legality. Now, over one in three Americans have access to recreational herbs in their home state. As the green flower becomes beloved by a wide demographic, countless consumption methods have transformed the smoking community. For those who prefer traditional ways of using hemp, a good old fashion smoke session is ideal. Smokeless alternatives like tasty infused confections and powerful tinctures are perfect for hemp lovers who wish to avoid combustion.

Dabbing is a unique method in which wax concentrates are heated to extreme temperatures. One of the best perks of dabbing is that the resulting vapor is inhaled, offering a clean-tasting hit that is easy on the lungs. Dabs allow you to savor the benefits of hemp fully, and they are also hailed as a straight shot to an improved state of mind. Pure concentrates are free of harmful plant material found in your average nug, making them easy on the body. Those hoping to test the waters and dip their toes in dabbing should start by stocking up on a reliable rig from retailers like MJ Arsenal.

Ready to make the jump? Here are five perks of dabbing


While handling a torch and inhaling a hefty dab might sound intimidating, dabbing is quite approachable to newbies. First-timers can easily alter their dosage amount to achieve an easy-going hit. You can also experiment with electric dab rigs that don’t require sparking a flame. After a few tasty dabs, beginners will quickly learn why so many adore nature’s potent herb.

Immediate impact

Edibles and tinctures might be tasty, but they can take up to three hours to take effect. Dabbing delivers an instantaneous high and can ease feelings of anxiety or inflammation within seconds. For smokers on a time crunch, a quick dab is all it takes to reap the benefits of hemp.

It’s cost-effective

The average perks of dabbing size are comparable to the nail’s tip but don’t be fooled by its modesty. Concentrates contain an extremely high amount of THC, and even a little dab packs the same punch as two or three bowls of the flower. Smoking a smaller amount of hemp keeps you from making unnecessary frequent purchases, and your wallet will thank you.

No more bitter hits

Every smoker has experienced those few hits that taste downright putrid. Whether it’s a burnt nug or resin-coated pipe, you are bound to taste a few nasty leftovers when burning flowers. Luckily, dabbing vaporizes concentrates, meaning no more unpleasant aftermath for the rest of your days.

Lasts longer

In addition to an instant high, dabs will leave a lasting impression for up to two hours. The long-term impact allows you to appreciate the wonders of hemp without lighting up multiple times. Dabs are ideal for veteran smokers who have built up a tolerance against the flower and can’t achieve a lasting high. With a tiny puff, a much-needed reminder of why they fell in love with hemp in the first place will waft over these seasoned smokers.

Bottom line

Whether you are a first-timer or a loyal stoner, the perks of dabbing will lead you through the vibrant realm of herb. As you explore different wax concentrates and collect artful dag rigs, you’ll join the welcoming community with a hazy smile.

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