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5 Real Benefits Of Hiring Certified Shopify Experts

From being practically invented by a snowboarding web developer in the 2000s—for his snowboarding online shop!—Shopify has come a long way. It’s metamorphosed into one of the foremost eCommerce platforms on the web in the last 3 years. It now has roughly 1,000,000 merchants in about 200 nations.

But, right there, in that snippet, you see how important technical expertise is. The snowboarding co-founder, Tobias Lutke, made use of his technical expertise to develop a viable selling platform for his snowboards

That idea was later evolved to allow web developers and programmers to develop various applications on Shopify’s App Store, as well as for its major service of eCommerce store-building.

Hiring someone with a cultivated understanding of the numerous apps, widgets, themes, plug-ins, add-ons, and the intricate coding potentials that can accentuate your Shopify store, is a choice many business owners would make.

Here are some of the more details on the reasons why hiring Shopify experts is a good idea

Benefit 1: Focus on Your Business, Let the Experts Handle the Technical Development, Save Time

Before getting involved in Shopify, you should know there are 6 main categories to your platform:

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Store Setup
  • Web Development & Troubleshooting
  • Visual content & Branding
  • Content Writing
  • Expert Guidance

These are complex functions that require complex knowledge. They clearly require experts.

These experts are reviewed by Shopify and are trustworthy and reputable.

But why should you hire them instead of just undertaking the jobs in-house?

You save time.

You free up your working days and your employees so that you and they can focus on your business.

It’s what most companies do, in this day and age.

A significant share of technical jobs, such as website and software development & SEO, get outsourced for this very reason—they are time-consuming and intricate.

The good news is that Shopify is a simpler, more accessible eCommerce platform, at least compared to regular website development.

The bad news is that it still requires careful consideration with its store-building interface, management systems, and the like.

So it is natural that hiring technical Shopify experts, especially web developers, is paramount to a business’s effectiveness.

And it doesn’t stop there.

How do you tap the customer experience with app usage?

The need for apps is fast taking over the market.

Clearly, the way forward is through app development.

As the global eCommerce industry has risen from $1.3 trillion to $3.5 trillion since 2014, the competition between online businesses stiffens.

You need every advantage you can get.

Shopify has a dedicated App Store where businesses develop their own apps for public usage. Through this, each Shopify business makes customer experience as compatible as possible.

With the thriving community of Shopify experts dedicated to app development, you can be sure to have the best services possible.

All of them are vetted and reviewed by Shopify itself.

A community of experts is a positive effect on the overarching quality of every Shopify business’s platform.

Benefit 2: Integration and Migration, Covered

Two of the most strategic functions on eCommerce platforms like Shopify are data integration and data migration. These are technical functions, which can be undertaken by the technical experts discussed above.

And Shopify does have access to a wealth of integration and migration specialists.

Migration is when a business wants to move its data systems from an old eCommerce platform to the target system of the new one—in this case, Shopify.

As you can see, Shopify is one of the most sought-out destinations for eCommerce objectives, for various reasons, one being its tie-ups with Amazon. Business owners will be pleased with the array of migration specialists within the Shopify expert community.

Migration specialists wash the data from the source system and then optimize algorithms and tools to aid in the process of transfer to the target data system.

What about data integration?

Integration is a dynamic, continuous solution that is even more vital to business than migration.  Shopify experts integrate data from different sources within the supply chain, presenting it in the best form to an end-user. They transform and transfer order and shipping data, fix problems, and seek better automated solutions.

Benefit 3: Get visibility for your eCommerce store with SEO

As you already know, people eventually find your store through SEO.

It brings you closer to the customers who need you.

The SEO specialists on Shopify offer the same services regular ones do, albeit with an

intimate understanding of the unique eCommerce architecture of Shopify.

Most importantly, there are also SEO agencies available, who focus on the most relevant SEO factor: content quality.

They also know that reducing the fat of the store will improve other Google search factors such as page loading times. Design should be modified for best usage.

Don’t forget that mobile optimization is a must, as mobile usage dominates the market today.

Ask for an SEO audit. Once you brief a team of SEO experts, you will get the needful. Look out for competitor analysis, keyword research, responsive design, linking, and embedding of meta-tags and meta descriptions.  Shopify SEO experts can also enable social sharing and linking to your other platforms.

SEO is a highly technical venture that needs time and patience to put into action.

So make sure you choose well. Don’t cheap out on it.

Benefit 4: Prepare yourself for Rolls Outs, Multilingual stores

After the initial wave of success, you will need to expand.

Shopify offers an international scope in its selling options.

It provides an infrastructure for customers to buy goods with a variety of payment methods.

So when you’re looking to expand, keep two key strategies in mind:

  • Roll out the eCommerce capability to multiple countries
  • Offer the eCommerce experience in multiple languages

Both require expert developers.

Of course, there are apps, but you need expertise to set them up, in the least.

  • Shopify Payments provides a multicurrency format for merchants selling in multiple nations.
  • Certain apps such as LangShop and Lamgify, made by Shopify Partners (accessible in their App Store), have provision for multiple languages.
  • Other apps help in calculating foreign exchange rates and taxes, such as Avalara AvaTax.

Technical experts know these apps inside out. They utilize them for your benefit, in the most effective manner.

There is minimal hassle in the event that business expansion is an objective.

Benefit 5: Maintenance and Upkeep for your eCommerce Store

Even the best stores face routine issues.

A shopping order out of place, a glitch in the payment system. It happens.

Or perhaps you want to add a new, unique product variant to your inventory.

Whether your store is international or national, these issues need consistent management, on a daily basis.

Analytics and reports will help your hired shopify expert developer. They can optimize the store to the highest levels possible using these mechanisms.

Customers’ profiles are recorded automatically, as orders are placed. Experts can extract these for their usefulness in forming a marketing strategy.

The utility of these tools depend on the Shopify plan you have bought — Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify (there is also Shopify Plus for large enterprises).

In case you need a plan upgrade to improve the tools at hand, they will reflect the data of the entire period you have used Shopify and not just the period after upgradation.

Experts can also use paid Shopify apps like Hindsight to access heat maps and visitor journeys of your store.

Patrolling and management of your store is a painstaking job.

That’s why it is preferable to outsource it to experts.

Communication is Key

Once you make a choice, it is imperative that you communicate your objectives thoroughly, in a brief or in video conference. The clearer the communication channel, the better.

Outline the plan of action, set deadlines, and communicate whenever necessary while the work is in progress.

That’s a failsafe method to squeezing out every last drop of expertise that comes your way.

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