Hair extensions are a luxurious way to add instant length, volume, and styling versatility to your hair. If you buy hair extensions for the first time, you must try halo hair extensions.

The tiny micro links in this type of extension allow for high shine, a strand-by-strand application that creates a seamless look. With proper care and maintenance, a highly-coveted luxury product will last for multiple usages over time.

But what makes them so unique? Here are ten reasons to choose Halo:

They’re Custom-Made

Each client’s hair is measured and analyzed before making a single stitch, ensuring the best possible fit and appearance every time.

Moreover, various styles and colors are available and can be customized even further upon request. You have complete control over your look!

Even Under Close Scrutiny They Look And Feel Like Your Own Hair

Even Under Close Scrutiny They Look And Feel Like Your Own Hair

That’s because every strand is made with standard, non-toxic polyester thread, and woven strand by strand into your existing hair.

The micro links allow for high shine and silky strands that blend seamlessly into one another. There are no bulky knots and challenging, visible tracks – just beautiful, natural-looking results.

They’re Made of the Highest Quality 100 percent Remy Human Hair

You can buy Remy hair extensions ethically sourced from real people. These are made of high-quality Remy human hair. Moreover, they are of premium quality and made from virgin raw materials.

They’re Safe For Your Tresses And Their Planet

These types of extensions are free from harsh chemicals and dyes, making them safe to wear on even the most sensitive scalps. They’re good for your hair and good for the environment!

You Can Wear Them For As Long As You Want

You can buy 100 percent Remy human hair extensions which can last for multiple installations over time. Your Halo extensions will last you two to three months or longer with regular wear and proper care and maintenance!

You Can Color Them In Any Shade You Like

You Can Color Them In Any Shade You Like

Halo extensions are available in different shades and colors. You can go to a professional to dye the extensions for you, but it is possible to do so yourself. You can buy halo hair extensions at wholesale pricing and custom colors upon request.

They’re Available In Many Styles And Textures!

Hair extensions are available in several different styles. Some of the common ones include: Straight, Body Wave/Deep Wave, Loose Wave/Deep Curl, Kinky Curl, Light Yaki.

You can also buy different extension types. It includes 100 percent Remy Human Hair, Synthetic Blend (50/50) Human Hair & Synthetic Fibers, Pre-bonded Strand by Strand Silky Straight Extensions.

They’re Flexible To Fit Your Unique Style

You can buy customized bulk packages so that you can build the perfect look every time! Your stylist will help you sort through our wide variety of samples and colors, and together you’ll find the right match for your gorgeous locks.

They’re Easy To Care For, And Will Save You Time In Your Daily Routine

Your stylist can show you how to seamlessly blend your extensions with your natural hair to create a beautiful look that takes just minutes a day!

Just as nature intended, simply shampoo and condition as usual and air-dry, no more waiting for your natural locks to dry or styling them every day to match the extensions – just let your Halo do all the work!

They’re The Perfect Accessory

They're The Perfect Accessory

Halo extensions are a great way to add instant length and volume to your hairstyle, whether you’re looking to ramp up your everyday look with an extra dose of glamour or make a bold statement for a special occasion.

Halo has the perfect solution! It can help you look and feel fabulous at all times.