1 in 10 seniors will have the unfortunate experience of being taken advantage of. Elderly abuse is a criminal offense, and perpetrators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The penalties are severe and can include fines, probation, and even prison time.

An experienced elderly abuse attorney will know how best to defend your case and help you avoid having to go through this process alone. But more importantly, they will protect your loved one from further harm.

If you’re considering hiring an attorney for elderly abuse, keep reading for five reasons why it’s important.

1. Protecting Your Loved One

When Is It Time To Hire A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Watertown NY

Abuse can cause physical trauma, mental anguish, and emotional damage, but it also opens the door for other issues:

  • Depression and loneliness
  • Health problems such as heart disease
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble communicating with others (because of cognitive impairment)

You need to stop abuse and prevent further harm to your loved one. Hiring an elderly abuse lawyer can help you do so. The attorney will ensure your loved one’s rights are intact, while also addressing any new issues that may arise from the abuse.

If you are facing criminal charges, you will require special legal help so your elderly abuse claim can go smoothly. Every lawyer does not have the experience and expertise to defend a client when their criminal history is brought up in court. A good attorney knows how to rise above tactics that are meant to make you look like a bad person.

You will attract more attention, be considered a better advocate for your cause, and have an easier time convincing the jury of the merits of your case.

3. Fight for Compensation

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Your loved one may be eligible for compensation for the pain and suffering they endured, as well as medical bills. In addition, you may be able to seek compensation for lost wages during the lawsuit and emotional distress caused by witnessing or hearing about their abuse.

An attorney will help you navigate this process so that you can get what is rightfully yours and ensure that your elderly loved one gets justice after enduring such a terrible ordeal.

4. Prove That Your Intentions Were Not Malicious

There are various types of elder abuse that everyone’s not aware of. It’s not uncommon for a defendant to argue that the abuse was unintentional or claim it was a less severe type of abuse. Defendants will often say whatever they can to make it seem as though you are being unfair toward them.

An elderly abuse lawyer can help prove that your claim is genuine and not a personal attack.

5. Financial and Emotional Relief

Nursing home abuse

It is important to realize that professional representation can help you escape many of the financial and emotional consequences of making abuse allegations. If you are thinking about going forward with an elderly abuse case, have a skilled attorney on your side. They’ll help you spend wisely to prove your point and make you feel safe while doing so.

Find an Elderly Abuse Attorney for Your Case

If you think that your elderly loved one is being abused, talk to an elderly abuse attorney. They can help you decide if you have a case, and if so, how to proceed.

For tips on picking the right attorney, or any business for that matter, read some of our lifestyle posts. You’ll find helpful advice on what to look for in a firm as well as how to make smarter decisions about which companies you choose to align yourself with in your everyday life.

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