Considering most workers spend at least one-third of their life at their job, it’s no surprise that, on occasion, an issue may arise.

It can mean a bad day or a disagreement with your boss or a colleague. Other times, though, workplace problems can escalate to the point where you feel like you need help.

The role of an employment lawyer is to address workplace problems, especially if the issues break employment law. Once employment lawyers get hired, it’s their role to help solve problems and protect your rights.

Read on for some common situations that might require hiring an employment lawyer.

1. Wrongful Termination

Employment Laws May Allow ‘At Will’ Termination

One important type of work that employment solicitors can do is address a wrongful termination. A worker can only get fired if the employer has terminated them without following employment contracts and laws.

The employment attorney can evaluate the worker’s contract and the reason for termination. If laws were broken because of the termination, the worker could proceed with a legal case.

2. Workplace Discrimination

A relatively common workplace issue is either discrimination or workplace harassment. Discrimination and harassment can happen when a worker is badgered or harassed based on:

  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age

There are strict laws protecting workers’ rights related to discrimination and harassment. An employment discrimination lawyer can investigate and consider the law, then hold an employer accountable if there’s been discrimination or harassment occurring.

3. Benefits Denied

Employment Attorney

A worker may have the right to workplace benefits either by law or by a contract they negotiated. These benefits might include bonus pay, insurance, or vacation time.

An employment lawyer can evaluate your contract and quickly take action if you’ve been denied benefits. They can help you to claim the benefits you are due.

4. Hostile Work Environment

There are few things more challenging day in and day out than working in a hostile work environment. It can be unbearable whether the environment gets created by other workers or your boss or manager.

Examples of hostility in the workplace include:

  • Public shaming
  • Extreme nepotism
  • Verbal acts of aggression
  • Nonverbal acts of aggression

An employer not only should make it better, but they should also want to as well. Working in a hostile work environment will impact your ability to focus on the job and your level of productivity.

5. New Employment

employment contract

Another reason that people often don’t consider needing an employment contract lawyer is when they’re hired into a new job.

You may get asked to sign a contract or want someone with some negotiating skills to work through the new contract on your behalf.

A lawyer for employment issues will often work with employees about to start a new job to ensure their interests get protected in the new workplace and contract.

Hire an Employment Lawyer to Help With Your Work Issue

If you’re facing problems at work, you need the best employment lawyer working on your behalf. An employment lawyer will know the laws and how to protect your interests if laws are being broken.

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