Over 44 million people living in the US were born in another country. However, immigration issues are common when immigrating to the United States. So, how do you know when it is time to call an immigration attorney?

Immigration legal services are unconnected to US immigration authorities, who help clients with immigration challenges and processes. They have experience in this legal sector and the expertise to help make the process as smooth as possible.

While there are some instances in which you won’t need their help, such as when you are on vacation, there are many other situations where hiring an immigration attorney can help immensely. Here are five of those situations.

1. Citizenship and Naturalization

how much does an immigration lawyer cost

There are many benefits of transitioning from green card or permanent resident status to citizen. However, you need to meet specific eligibility requirements and navigate the process.

An immigration attorney will ensure you are eligible to apply. They will also help you navigate the entire process, from dealing with paperwork to the naturalization examination.

2. Family Immigration Issues

It can be possible for family members to get a green card through a family member who is a permanent resident. However, it is not easy, as not all family members are eligible. Immigration legal services understand the laws and procedures to find the best way to meet family immigration needs.

3. Options for Non-citizens

How To Become an Immigration Lawyer

Non-citizens sometimes require nonimmigrant visas to stay in the US or other countries for a set time and purpose. It is best to use a lawyer to find the nonimmigrant visa that works for your case. You want to apply for the type that suits your situation best so you do not have any issues in the future.

4. Employment Needs

It is common for people to move to the US through their job. However, you need a visa to be able to stay, but which one do you choose?

An immigration attorney can find the best option for you based on your employment, the state you reside in, and other circumstances. For example, check out this local attorney to help with immigration challenges if you are in Florida.

5. Asylum Claims

The Necessity of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration legal services can also help with asylum claims if you face threats in your home country based on religion, race, and other factors. Find an immigration lawyer experienced in asylum claims to help you get through the process and be protected from deportation. They will know the best routes to try so you can gain asylum.

Hiring immigration legal services is a worthwhile investment for your future in the US or another country. They will help you navigate through your immigration issues with ease and try to find you a solution.

However, not all immigration services are the same. Pick a reputable service with experienced immigration attorneys, good reviews, and the proper credentials. Otherwise, you could experience more problems with your immigration case.

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