If you’ve contemplated buying a motorcycle but always pulled back because you think the cons outweigh the pros, then perhaps you’ve never really taken a close look at the compelling advantages. California, Florida and Texas report more motorcycle accident fatalities than any other state, yet, motorcycle accidents haven’t done motorbikes any favors in the eyes of non-enthusiasts and those sitting on the fence.

It’s true that unlike cars where there’s a sense of being shielded from danger, riding a motorcycle can leave you feeling exposed. Yet, a lot of the bad publicity which motorcycles endure is unfair, inaccurate and misleading. And this overshadows the many advantages that come with riding one. If you aren’t sure of why owning a motorcycle is a good life choice, then the following is a useful overview of the main reasons.

Here are the Five Reasons

1.   Fuel Savings

This is where it all begins. It’s all about economics. Compared to cars, motorcycles deliver outstanding mileage per gas gallon. When cruising on the highway, even the biggest bikes will score more than 40 miles to the gallon. A typical sports bike will achieve a dizzying 50-60 miles or more per gallon.

Do the math on your daily commute, and you could be talking fuel savings in the thousands of dollars each year. This makes motorcycles an excellent choice for persons who must embark on significant journeys regularly.

2.   Accessible, Inexpensive DIY Maintenance

When it comes to the benefits of owning a motorbike, the low cost of maintenance is as important as the great gas mileage. Much of the mechanical engineering that powers a motorcycle is easily accessible. You don’t need special, heavy lifting equipment that would otherwise be required when working on the inner parts of a car. And it’s less intimidating for a first-time owner keen on learning how the mechanics work.

Of course, the extent of the spirit of adventure varies from person to person. Some may be happy to master basic maintenance, while the more hardcore riders will delve into changing their oil, replacing belts, tightening chains and cleaning tanks. Either way, the motorcycle gives you a much greater opportunity to unleash your inner mechanic.

3.   Maneuverability

Motorcycles are considered dangerous thanks in no small part to the dramatic YouTube videos showing bikers weaving into and out of traffic at high speeds. Though, many forget that the very nature of a motorbike provides maneuverability that can prove life-saving when you stumble on an unexpected situation on the road.

You have an escapability and elusiveness that a car doesn’t. Seasoned motorcyclists have harrowing stories of how they evaded an accident simply because they happened to be on a motorcycle. Being on a bike also means you are less prone to the distractions of driving, such as mobile phones, a car stereo or animated conversation with passengers.

4.   A Good Workout

As a spectator, riding a bike may seem easy. It’s motorized transportation after all, right? Well, yes, but not entirely. Riding a motorcycle is a workout of sorts. Unlike a car, the rider has to leverage their body to ensure the bike does what they want. Whether it’s leaning when taking a turn, or stepping on the road to support the bike when stopping at an intersection, a rider must physically exert themselves multiple times, even on short trips.

At the end of each journey, you have engaged in a mini-cardio workout that a car could never give you. That’s especially so in today’s age of the automatic car, that has replaced the stick-shift.

5.   Eco-Friendly

Unlike the standard automobile, motorbikes are considerably more eco-friendly. Their engines are smaller, they use less gas, they produce lower quantities of harmful chemicals and they require less non-renewable materials to produce. Better yet, several motorcycle manufacturers are developing all-electric models. This is only bound to decrease their already tiny carbon footprint.

Motorcycles are addictive, and few people stop after owning just one bike in their lifetime. With these benefits and more, it’s easy to see why.

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