Venezuela is currently in the 5th day of a nationwide power outage

The Latin American country has experienced blackouts before. But, the current power cut is the worst in recent history.

What’s the cause of the mass outrage?

President Nicolas Maduro has blamed recent cyber attacks by the US. The opposition leader, Juan Guaido has dismissed such claims as absurd.

Find out more about what is going on in Venezuela and when we expect power to be regained below. 

How Bad is the Mass Power Outage?

It’s pretty bad.

The economic and political crisis in Venezuela has been underway since 2013. During this time, food scarcity, crime, and power cuts have significantly increased.

However, the current power outage is extremely rare. Currently, over 70 percent of the country is without electricity. Experts have raised concerns that hospitals could be at risk.

Guaido, the opposition leader said that over 16 of the 23 states are without power. It is also reported that six states have only partial power.

The damage to the economy is estimated at over $400 million. 

Are Recent Cyber Attacks Responsible?

President Maduro has claimed that cyber attacks by the US are responsible for the power outage. 

The leader told a rally of supporters that up to 70 percent of power had been restored. However, this was halted by the “international cyber attack.” He also pointed the finger at the opposition and Guaido. 

What is the Cause of the Mass Outage?

The US government has claimed that the mass outage is due to the “incompetence” not a cyber attack. 

Guaido has accused Maduro of being responsible. 

He described the deaths of Venezualans due to the electricity crisis as having been “murdered” by the government.

Maduro’s claims of cyber threats are absurd, according to Guaido. Instead, he argues, the aging power plants which have neglected by the government is to blame. 

The opposition leader also emphasized that the catastrophe is not caused by hurricanes or tsunamis. But rather, it is due to the corruption and incompetence of the Maduro regime. 

When is Power Coming Back?

Guaido is holding talks with the governments of other countries for support.

The country has already received more than $1.5 billion in financial aid to keep vital services afloat. 

Meanwhile, the power outage continues. The clash between the opposition and the Maduro is far from over.

The military continues to support the regime. However, Guaido has urged them to “stop hiding the dictator.”

There were signs over the weekend that parts of the country would have power restored. However, this has not materialized. 

It remains unclear whether the people will be able to receive power soon. They hope electricity will return to power everything from hospitals to their home digital antenna this week. 

Keep up to Date with World Cyber Attacks 

It appears unlikely that the ongoing power outage in Venezuela is down to recent cyber attacks orchestrated by the US government. 

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