Car accidents can vary in severity a lot, from minor bumps and scrapes to massive catastrophes. The Association for Safe International Road Travel puts car accidents as the 9th biggest cause of death worldwide, shocking when you realise that accidents with fatalities are a tiny minority of overall auto accidents.

If an accident does occur, you need to know your rights immediately. This is why it’s always good to have a complete understanding of your insurance policy(s), so you know what you can or can’t claim and what the insurance company will do for you. Here are 3 of the biggest areas which should almost always be covered though.

1. Property Damage

Property damage is the most obvious one. Your car is immediately covered if somebody crashes into you. This property damage can extend to other items which could have been damaged too, such as clothing or gadgets, or perhaps luggage in the vehicle. It could even cover property outside the vehicle, depending on the accident location.

You need to speak to your insurer and check local laws to be clear on what items are considered in your case. Doing this could help you recover benefits for property damage that you otherwise might not have considered. Remember, this accident isn’t your fault, and you deserve compensation for any damages caused.

2. Lost Wages

Lost wages are an often overlooked part of the claim. I don’t mean they get missed out a lot, I mean that they get under-estimated. Even time off for physical rehab or other medical appointments is time when wages are lost. Likewise your health could suffer in other ways from a traumatic event, which again may affect your earning potential.

Keep track of any and all time you are unable to work, plus the reasons why. Doctors notes or other evidence is extremely helpful here. Work with your attorney by providing these details as the situation continues, and you stand a good chance of being given a fair settlement.

3. Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are usually the big issue that immediately comes to mind with auto accidents. Of course money isn’t a replacement for being fit and healthy, but suffering injury and then having to pay out of pocket for it is never a nice feeling. The average financial cost of a road accident in this area has been estimated at around $40,000. This is a sizeable sum for virtually anyone, and an unnecessary stressor after an accident.

Depending on your cover, the insurer may require you to pay up front and provide receipts to be reimbursed. Be careful here not to over-extend and to try and hurry the insurer into prompt payment so stress on you is limited. Another thing to keep in mind is not to settle for a pre-determined or estimated amount up front. If you do, and your treatment takes longer than expected or something else pops up, you’re going to be left out of pocket for it.

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