Kratom users consume multiple varieties of compound strains to ensure their well-being. While distinguishing between green, white, and red strains might be easy, differentiating between two types of red strains might be difficult. They are red Borneo and red Maeng Da kratom. While seasoned users understand the different strains of kratom and its unique benefits, many users may not be aware of such distinctions and may find it confusing and overwhelming.

Therefore, if you want to know more about the maeng da strain and how it differs from the Borneo strain, read ahead and explore where to buy maeng da kratom.

Understanding Kratom

Kratom is a potent compound extracted by drying and crushing kratom leaves. The kratom trees are cultivated extensively across southeast Asia in regions like Bali, Borneo, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, etc.

The compound interacts with the opioid receptors of the body to offer potential medicinal effects. Depending on the climate, drying process, region, moisture, soil quality, etc., kratom varieties get the unique concentration of the two alkaloids that give them potential properties.

There are different strains of the compound, each with its unique properties. The compound is available in powder, dried leaves, beverage mix, capsules, edibles, etc. These high-quality products like premium kratom liquids are readily available in the market and can be brought online and offline. Leading manufacturers and vendors offer lab reports ascertaining quality claims along with the products.

Kratom Strain

What Do We Know About The Borneo Kratom Strain?

The Borneo strain is a popular variety of kratom. The strain gets its name from the region where the kratom tree is grown and the color of the veins of the leaves. The strain is potent and has a unique alkaloid content giving it multiple medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Red Borneo is a popular strain of the Borneo variety and is known for its potency and potential effects. The strain has many unique medicinal properties, making it popular among seasoned users. It comes in white, green, and red vein varieties.

red vein kratom

What Are Maeng Da Kratom Strains?

The maeng da kratom translates to pimp grade and is a popular kratom variety. It includes white maeng da, red maeng da kratom along with others.

As far as potency is concerned, this variety of kratom is amongst the most potent strain. Therefore, a person should be careful when fixing maeng da kratom dosage. It is better to talk to an expert before consuming this particular variety. If not, it is advisable to start with a low dose of the compound and gradually increase the dosage based on the effects.

kratom effect

Difference Between Red Borneo Kratom Strains & Red Maeng Da Kratom

Many kratom enthusiasts and users may not understand and appreciate that popular strains like red maeng da kratom and red Borneo Kratom differ. The differences range from the origin, grafting process, drying, and alkaloid profile. Based on these differences, a person can make a reasoned decision on which strain to consume.

1. The Area Where The Strain Is Grown

The most fundamental difference between the two strains lies in the fact that these two strains are grown and cultivated in different regions. The red maeng da strain of the red vein Kratom is produced by grafting two different strains of the compound.

On the other hand, Red Borneo originates from the Borneo island region. The Kratom creams from which the compound is extracted are grown in the jungles along the region’s water bodies.

Since the region where they are grown plays a crucial role in making them what they are, it is a critical point of differentiation between them.

kratom powder

2. The Different Origins Of The Strain And Unique Alkaloid Content

The maeng da strain was first discovered in Thailand, and the region’s skilled farmers can create this strain through advanced grafting methods. On the other hand, the Borneo strain is directly extracted from tree leaves.

Even though both strains contain similar alkaloids, the weather, moisture, soil content, and the difference in the grafting process make the alkaloid content in both strains unique, and is a significant difference between the two strains. This enhances the potency of the leaves’ alkaloid content.

The lab-approved kratom strain of either variety will have a report highlighting the concentration of the compound and the various alkaloids present in it. You can check the same when buying maeng da powders or Borneo powders like red maeng da kratom powder or any other strain.

maeng da kratom

3. The Difference In Potential Effects

A significant difference between the Borneo and maeng da strains is the potential effects of each strain. Thus there is a difference between the potential effects of red maeng da kratom and red Borneo. At the same time, both strains can offer chronic pain relief, energizing effects, inner calm, and reduction in anxiety, etc.

Red maeng da kratom strain offers more potent results in a relatively low dose than other strains. However, kratom is a dose-oriented compound, and the potential effect will depend on the correct dosage. Therefore, the effects may differ based on the strains’ prescribed dose.

When discussing the maeng da strains or Borneo strains, factors to consider while fixing the dose and getting potential effects include age, underlying health conditions, metabolism, diet, kratom tolerance, etc.

kratom tolerance

4. Differences Based On The Dosage Of The Red Strains

As mentioned earlier, the desired effects of kratom, be it enhanced energy levels, relaxing effect, or any other benefit to treat, cure or prevent any health condition, depend on the proper dosage of the potent strain.

Red maeng da Kratom or red Borneo offers the desired effects for up to eight hours, depending on the dosage of the compound. One must consume the unique blend as per the doctor’s advice.

A significant difference, however, is that the orientation of kratom can play a vital role in offering desired effects to the user; therefore, a person must consult an expert to understand which strain might be right for them and accordingly pick the correct dose. Therefore, the difference between the two strains lies in the dosage of the two.

Red maeng da Kratom is more potent than red Borneo; therefore, most users prefer taking a small dose of the star kratom red maeng da compared to the red Borneo strain. This saves the user from experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

kratom symptoms

5. The Difference In Availability

Another critical difference between kratom varieties like red maeng da kratom, green maeng da, and the red Borneo strain lies in their availability. While both varieties are available online and in local stores, Red Borneo powder is more readily available than Red maeng da powders.

The reason could be the difference in how it is cultivated, the region it is sourced from, and the drying process. Apart from that, the fact that red maeng da kratom is a result of grafting is a rare strain, making its availability quite difficult.

Another factor to remember when discussing availability is that Kratom strains may be regulated or prohibited in some areas. Therefore, before experimenting with kratom maeng da or any other variety, consider local laws in the following countries and states Rhode Island, Sarasota county, san Diego, etc.

san Diego kratom

Risks And Side Effects Of Strains

Red vein kratom maeng da and Borneo are the most potent kratom strains. Even though the compound is regarded as a dietary supplement, there can be adverse effects if the supplemental dietary product is overused.

So, suppose you are using these in place of prescription medications intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a serious medical condition. This highly potent compound must be used after consulting an expert in lower doses and gradually in high doses as per prescription.

Some mild side effects associated with significant overuse of the compound include dry eyes, dry mouth, nausea, headache, etc. A person must stop using the compound if they experience any side effects.

side effects of kratom

Concluding Thoughts

No matter if you are exploring pimp grade, Kona kratom, VIP kratom, etc., the difference between the red strain is very evident, and since kratom is dose-oriented, such differences can make a huge impact. Therefore, it is significant that a person explores the different strains of kratom before buying and consuming them.

While a kratom expert may recommend you to choose any of the two types, it is indeed a matter of personal preference and what suits a user’s needs. If you are a user who is torn between the two types, it is wise to start with a low and regulated dose of each and experience the effects.

Only after careful experimentation will you be able to differentiate between the two and make the best choice.

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