Someone quite rightly claimed that love blossoms beautifully over red flowers. That is the reason couples, who are deeply and madly in love with each other shower love with a bouquet of red roses or some other red flowers. The sale of red flowers goes up during Valentine’s week when people choose to express their deepest feelings of love and affection. But have you wondered why red flowers, mostly? And why not flowers of some other colours like yellow, green, orange, etc.? The reason lies way back in history when red colour and red flowers were said to be associated with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. It was said Aphrodite was able to bring back her lover, Adonis to life and since then, people saw the power of love and the power of the colour red in flowers, universally. That’s all the colour red now stands for love or romance and red flowers are now quite popular among lovers across all age groups.

Also, Shakespeare mentioned Romeo to have impressed Juliet with some fine red flowers. The colour red not just symbolises love, passion and desire. As far as religious beliefs are concerned, the colour red has a special place in every Christians and Buddhist people’s heart, since ages now. But also, on a negative note, it may even be associated with danger, aggression and warning. When some feelings are expressed through red flowers it has to be to pass the beautiful message of love and only love. That is the reason we can see people pampering their lovers on Valentine’s day as well as on their lover’s birthday with a bouquet full of garden-fresh red flowers. These are some ravishing red beauties, other than red roses which even speak of love, in a way too fine manner.

  1. Red Tulips – Not many people know this fact, but red tulips are said to stand for “perfect love”. This Dutch iconic flower speaks of a lover’s feelings and emotions in the manner which makes it absolutely unforgettable. That is the reason it is said one can never go wrong while expressing their love over a bunch of red tulips.
  2.  Ilex/ Holly – Not flowers, but the ilex branches are what Is love about! Ilex symbolises love, hope and luck which is what makes it “oh so perfect” token of love.
  3. Red Amaryllis – The mandatory Christmas or winter season flower, Amaryllis symbolises beauty and affection in abundance. It is also said to symbolise gratitude.
  4. Red Anemone – A delicate, fragile and beautiful flower, Anemone is a perfect symbol of love, honesty and care – all of which will be perfect to confess your feelings for your lover.

So, these were some of the other red beauties which you might like to consider while confessing your love to the love of your life. Or may like to spice up the romance in your life with. Gifting some red flowers (even other than red roses) can easily help you win anyone’s heart. Don’t believe us? Try it on your own! And maybe you can thank us later!

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