Are you having issues with your relationship? You might be left feeling like it was your fault that things fell apart but usually, both parties are guilty.

You get so comfortable in the relationship and caught up in the bustle of daily life that you forget to appreciate each other. It’s easy to take each other for granted on complete accident. You also may forget to live life for yourself while in a relationship which can cause you to become bitter.

As you can see, relationships end for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few pieces of relationship advice to help you keep the flame alive.

1. Show Your Appreciation

You should do small things daily to let your partner know that you appreciate them. This doesn’t mean you have to spring for a bouquet of flowers every day, you can do it with words. Tell them they’re beautiful, send them a card at work, massage their shoulders if you notice they are stressed, or just get them a small gift because you saw it and thought of them.

These small tokens will show them you care and your partner will be more motivated to keep the relationship going.

2. Never Take Each Other for Granted

You need to realize that everyone has a final straw. When a relationship goes on for a long time, it can be easy to get comfortable and not turn to this online counseling until it’s too late.

You need to try and fix things as soon as they start going south or you might see your partner walking out the door.

3. It’s All in How You Fight

Every couple is going to fight. There is no way around it but it’s the way you fight that lays the groundwork for divorce. You never want to belittle your partner during a fight.

It’s a fight so there will be negative feelings in it but instead of feeding off of them, you need to find a common goal during the argument and build from it to find a reasonable solution.

4. There is More to Sex Than Just Feeling Good

There is more to sex than just feeling good. It’s intimate, you are leaving yourself completely vulnerable to someone else. Instead of concentrating on reaching the finish, you should focus instead on the emotional connection created from it.

5. Create a Fulfilling Life For Yourself

When in a relationship it’s important that you don’t start to neglect yourself. If you concentrate on just your partner’s happiness it could cause you to become sad and bitter. A relationship is a 50/50 partnership so that means you both need to get satisfaction from it.

Relationship Advice that Will Help You Keep the Flame Alive

Do you feel like your relationship is lacking a certain something? It could be that you’re not communicating, or that you’re taking each other for granted. Use these pieces of relationship advice to keep things going strong.

These problems don’t end just because you put a ring on the finger. Go here to see how you can keep your marriage alive for the rest of your lives.

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