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The Ultimate Guide to Relationship Jewelry: When to Buy Jewelry for Girlfriend

Buying jewelry for your girlfriend can be challenging. How do you know what pieces of jewelry for girlfriend to buy the relationship? Check out this guide.

Is your girlfriend’s birthday around the corner? Maybe you and your wife are about to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Both occasions are special and deserve a gift to signify the date.

First Jewelry for Girlfriend

But, buying gifts jewelry for girlfriend at places like Macy’s can be a risky business. Your gift will send a clear message to her, whether you just started dating or you’ve been married for years. Giving the jewelry gifts for girlfriend wrong piece of jewelry could start an argument or an awkward conversation.

To avoid this, you should make sure your relationship jewelry gifts for girlfriend are sending the correct message. What is appropriate can vary based on how long you’ve been dating and what occasion you are purchasing the gift for.

1. Holidays Before Your First Year of Dating

Ahh, new love is in the air. You’ve just started dating recently and now it’s time to buy your first gift for her. Whether it’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas, you want to find a gift that shows her you care but doesn’t overdo it.

Stage of the Relationship

Nice costume jewelry, or jewelry with synthetic jewels (like cubic zirconia), are good at this stage of the relationship. If you’re unsure of her jewelry preferences, stick to something simple, like stud earrings.

You’ll want to avoid anything expensive or “real” (i.e. real gold, real diamonds, etc.). This may make her feel like things are moving too fast or awkward about her less expensive gift to you. You just started dating after all – save the good stuff for later.

2. Valentine’s Day (1 Year of Dating or More)

So, your relationship surpassed the one-year mark, and things are starting to get serious. It’s time to reflect that in your relationship jewelry.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to gift jewelry. The goal is to keep is simple and sweet – think lockets or heart-shaped jewelry. You may also opt for simple diamond earrings or ruby earrings.

Give a Promise Ring

If marriage is in your future, but you’re not ready to propose, consider buying a promise ring.

Promise rings aren’t just a simple band anymore. You can discover more styles, ranging from simple to elaborate. When presenting the gift, it’s important to clarify it’s a promise ring – not an engagement ring. Failing to do this can cause an awkward night for the both of you.

3. Birthdays (1 Year of Dating or More)

While birthdays typically aren’t as romantic as Valentine’s Day, they’re still a great time to gift jewelry. When choosing jewelry for girlfriend birthday gifts, keep this idea in mind.

Your focus here should be something fun, yet sophisticated. Jewelry using her birthstone keeps things lighthearted while adding a personal touch. Cuff bracelets and dangly earrings are also great options.

If you want to take her somewhere for her birthday, consider getting her something that she can wear out to her birthday celebration.

4. Christmas (1 Year of Dating or More)

Christmas is one of best, yet most stressful, times of the year. With so many people to buy for, you may not have the time to ponder over the best relationship jewelry. Well, the good news is with some planning, you can buy one great gift instead of worrying about 5 small gifts.

A Great Time to Give Jewelry

This is a great time to give a jewelry set. If your married or engaged (or close to being engaged), consider going for something like pearls or cascading diamonds. You may have to find a quick way to make extra money, but it’ll be worth it to see the look on her face.

If you’ve only been dating for a couple of years, consider a simpler set. Diamond studs and a pendant necklace will show her you put thought and care into her gift without going overboard.

5. Engagement Before Marriage

All your practice buying relationship jewelry leads up to this point – the engagement ring. This is the single most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever buy in your life. It’s something she’ll wear every day, so you want to make sure she loves it.

Choose The Right Engagement Ring

Before taking the plunge, take note of what jewelry she wears most often. What type of metal is it? What shape is the gem? Is it big and flashy or small and subtle? All this is important to choose the right engagement ring. You want to show her you know her better than anyone else – and that starts with knowing her taste in jewelry.

When purchasing an engagement ring, you should find the best one within your budget jewelry for girlfriend. Don’t worry – it doesn’t have to reflect the type of wedding you want to have. You can propose with a flashy ring but plan a shoestring budget wedding.

6. Anniversaries Ring

Now that you’ve said your vows and tied the knot, jewelry buying gets a little easier. By now, you probably know her taste in jewelry and you won’t have to worry about scaring her off with something too big and expensive.

When buying jewelry for your anniversary, consider looking at the jewelry gifts for girlfriend already has and filling in what’s missing. Does she have a bracelet that’s missing diamonds? Is the gold chain for her favorite necklace broken? You can buy her new jewelry to replace it.

7. Milestone Anniversaries

While every anniversary is important, there are some anniversaries that are a little more special than  jewelry gifts for girlfriend. If you’re about to celebrate a milestone anniversary, you may have an exciting trip or night out planned. Your gift to your wife should also reflect this special occasion.

Consider getting her jewelry that’s been engraved with a special message. It’ll go that extra mile to personalize it and show her how much you love her.

You could also consider incorporating the traditional list of anniversary gifts into the jewelry. This can seem hard (especially in the beginning) but get creative! If it’s your 1st anniversary, consider including a paper love note inside a locket, or purchasing a wooden jewelry box if it’s your 5th anniversary.

A unique and fun way to commemorate a milestone anniversary would be to “cartoonize” your faces on a pin. Vivi Pins has jewelry quality pins with unlimited free design and free shipping, and they promise the best price and service.

The Ultimate Relationship Jewelry Guide

If there’s a holiday, birthday, or anniversary quickly approaching, you may be at a loss for what to get your girlfriend or wife. But, don’t worry – we’re here to help! Just follow our ultimate guide to relationship jewelry for girlfriend to make sure you get her the perfect jewelry gifts for girlfriend every time.

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