Another year, another good time to be a Man. U fan. Alexis and Pogba claiming the number 1 and 2 spots for most popular jersey purchases. If you’re thinking about purchasing a jersey, but want to be fashionable, we can help.

This is a short guide on how to make a jersey outfit pop without looking out of place. Sport fans are a bit finicky when it comes to tradition. You can spice things up without getting odd looks from your mates.

Here’s how to make a jersey pop with some fashionable looks.

Wearing a Custom Jersey

The decision to personalize your jersey can be a mixed bag. It can be a cute or clever way to stand out or fall flat. Some sport fans will frown on bad uses of custom jerseys as a waste of fabric. 

Don’t put your dog’s name on the back of your jersey with their age in dog years. Putting your own name on the back is also seen as a tacky attempt, too. The exception to this rule is anyone younger than 14 years.

Honestly, that should only be a decision made by the little ones, not forced upon by mum or dad. Ladies, feel free to ignore this rule, lads love cute baseball game outfits no matter what name is there.

The Tuck Rule

Things can go south real fast when you pull up to a football game with a tucked jersey in some slacks. Look, you can dress however you want, but just know you’re breaking an unspoken rule. You come to the game to unwind and untuck.

Leave your business attire at work, show up to the game with your jersey flying free.  

Layering a Jersey Outfit

One way to make a jersey look fashionable is by layering other clothes and accessories. A plain white tee or black teeshirt adds a nice backdrop to bright jersey materials. Ladies, you can add a touch of sexy mystique with a contrasting coloured bra underneath.

A bright pink or red material flirting under the jersey is a nice touch. Long-sleeve shirts under jerseys are a common staple for chilly months. We prefer layering as much as possible under the jersey before resorting to jackets.

Scarves and gloves should be of the soft and woolly types. Getting team scarves, hats, and gloves earn you bonus points as a fan. Another great touch for adding warmth and coordinating is a team turtleneck under the jersey.

Size Matters

When ordering a jersey for the first time, make sure you know your size. If you don’t know, read more about sizes and body types. Men and women sizes aren’t interchangeable, by the way.

Different brands can also differ on how big their sizes measure up. We recommend going to a store that sells sport apparel and trying them on. If the prices are cheaper online, just tell them you’re browsing.

Wearing jerseys a size too big isn’t the end of the world, though. Men particularly like to see women wearing a lad’s oversized jersey. Fellas who are on the small size should try to shop for the best fit.

Sleeves will always look too big if you’re buying official jerseys. 

Pairing Your Pants

No jersey outfit is complete without proper pants. Plan on wearing shorts with your jersey? Well, you might want to tread carefully. 

Jerseys with shorts don’t always work out. A bloke with a big jersey on and some jean shorts isn’t a good look. Manchester United is a gentleman’s team with class, for one.

Women can get away with a bit more–showing more skin won’t receive much protest. Wear some short shorts or tight jeans and you’re golden. Men, just stick to casual pants and avoid jean/cargo shorts.

Only show up with khakis or slacks if you’re going straight to a game from work. Sport isn’t posh, so don’t mix the two cultures if you don’t want ire from fans.


The safest bet for a jersey outfit will be sneakers. Men and women should go with sneakers for a few different reasons. Sneakers are comfortable, easy to clean, and will protect you from other feet.

When you’re at a game, people will step on your shoes. There’s a lot of alcohol and people in a confined area. It happens.

If you’re wearing stilettos, your finest pair of alligators, or posh Yeezy’s, you’re gambling with your life/money. While you can make it work, it’s just not the best pairing with a jersey. 

Ladies, nobody is going to complain to you about wearing heels with your jersey outfit. That’s a very powerful and sexy combination.

Team Colors

The last bit of advice we are going to give is about choosing team colours. You have your traditional home and away colours, as well as alternates. Those who want to customize their jersey could go with a different colour altogether.

Ladies can definitely try pairing their teams with pink-themed colours. This might not work with all teams, you may get some ugly colour clashes. The prefered rule for sport fans is to ride with your team’s colours, though.

Fellas, we recommend avoiding camouflage alternates. Unless your jersey is a tribute to a fallen soldier, just don’t do it. It’s not cool or creative.

The Ultimate Fans

If you think our list of jersey outfit recommendations is a bit dry, we understand. There’s a thin line between creativity and obnoxious sport fan. There’s plenty of opportunities to express your love through face paints and such.

Jerseys aren’t exactly fashionable on their own rights. If you consider yourself an ultimate sports fan, check out In News Weekly’s sports section. There you will find more tips and guides, like this one, to show your team pride–with style!

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