A clean image is very important for any business. Nowadays, the internet plays a big part when it comes to the reputation of an organization. Social media, online reviews and user comments have become more and more important and proactive online reputation management has become essential for any company.

Online presences for individuals

The most important individuals in your company should take care of their online presence as well. You should start by creating a Team section with separate pages for each one. They should also have their own social media pages.

Even as a CEO or as an executive, online presence is very important. Customers should associate the name with a person and that is why it is important to have online profiles for them.

Pay attention to Google Maps

Your Google Maps presence might be more important than you believe. If you know how to use it you will add more information about your company on Google, which is always a good thing. You can use the Google My Business listing to add images and videos.

Check these listings and see if there are any negative reviews that you need to address. You should also make sure that all the information listed there is correct and fix the mistakes if there are any. You should also associate your business with a category so it will become easier for users to find your business.

Get positive reviews

Negative reviews are normal, but you should do your best to have more positive reviews. You should ask your customers to review your services or products as this can impact your online presence. Yelp is an exception here, as it does not allow businesses to ask for reviews.

Developed social media accounts

Businesses need to have social media linked up their websites. You should start with a Twitter account and make sure that it is properly developed. The Twitter account of your company should be on page 1 for your name in Google. If you work on your account, you might even see embed recent tweets showing up in Google results that optimize reputation management for doctors.

Your Facebook page is very important as well and you need to make sure that it is developed properly. Start with the basic information and add your name, website, profile picture, description and location. Your website should link your Facebook account and there should be updates posted regularly.

Hire a professional

Reputation management companies such as Bright Past can help you remove negative information from Google. If you have negative content showing up in the first search results pages, it is recommended that you try to remove them. A good marketing strategy can also help you place positive content back in the first positions.

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