The Six Sigma technique is essential for a professional to build problem-solving abilities and encourage fresh, inventive ideas in order to boost a company’s output. To successfully evaluate data without making mistakes and to optimize the process for increased corporate efficiency, you need to grasp the Six Sigma methodologies. To apply this approach, certain qualifications are necessary. The advanced degrees of certification are Black Belt and Master Black Belt. Those who have received Black Belt certification are considered specialists. You can have your training for Six Sigma Black Belt certification online.

It is important to know what Six Sigma Black Belt™ means, what are the advantages of receiving it, and what are the requirements for it, to decide whether to pursue it or not. It will also help you to prepare properly for the certification exam, by understanding its gravity.

What is the Six Sigma Black Belt™ Certificate?

Black Belt™ Certificate

The IASSC (expanded as International Association for Six Sigma Certification) and the ASQ (American Society for Quality) offer the Six Sigma belt certifications. IASSC provides Lean Six Sigma certifications, whereas ASQ offers Six Sigma certifications. There are three sigma belts available: yellow, green, and black. Although the belts are in the following order: yellow, green, and black, there is no official necessity to have completed the previous belt certifications in order to obtain a Black Belt.

However, experts recommend finishing the previous levels in order to better grasp the Black Belt level training. Unlike the Six Sigma Green and Yellow belts, which are valid for a lifetime, you must recertify your Black Belt level every three years. Many reputed organizations offer Six Sigma Black Belt™ certification training online. The Six Sigma Black Belt course takes about 1-3 months to complete.

Roles of a Six Sigma Black Belt™ Certified Professional

After acquiring the Six Sigma Black Belt™ certification, you will be expected to measure and analyse data and solve complex problems in your organization. You will also be able to deploy Six Sigma approaches by using the appropriate tools as needed.

Requirements For Six Sigma Black Belt™

1. A Green Belt™ Certification:- As mentioned earlier, though it is not an eligibility criterion for obtaining a Black Belt, it is advised to earn a Six Sigma green belt before proceeding to the Black Belt. It is because the Six Sigma Black Belt™ certification requires you to acquire all the complex topics and their practical approaches of Sigma, and you will need to pass the Green belt level course to understand these concepts. The Green belt certification course can be seen as the foundation of the Black Belt™ certification course. You should search for the Six Sigma green belt certification course in the institutes that offer the Six Sigma Black Belt training online.

2. A Minimum of 3 Years of Full-Time Work Experience:- The Black belt level certification requires you to have at least three years of full-time working experience. Internships and part-time jobs are not considered in the work experience.

3. Complete Two Six Sigma Projects:- Usually, the certifying organizations give the candidates certain Six Sigma projects that they need to complete and submit within the deadline. Such Six Sigma projects help to develop processes in the manufacturing and service sectors through improvement models implemented with productivity measures and performance. It requires the proper usage of the Six Sigma methodologies to complete the projects.

4. Black Belt Level Training:- You should search for a reputed organization that offers the Six Sigma Black Belt training program. It must be an accredited one. By completing the coursework, you will be able to prepare well for the certification exam. The course curriculum incorporates lessons on data analysis, project management, performance and financial measures of an enterprise, leadership, team management, etc. The coursework will help you advance your knowledge of the concepts that you learned in the Green Belt level course.

Six Sigma Certificate

5. Sit For The Black Belt™ Certification Exam:- The Six Sigma Black Belt™ certification is offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ), like any other level of certification. The exam pattern varies according to the certifying institutes. You should sit for multiple mock tests to upgrade your expertise level, and acquire the necessary time management skills.

Benefits of Six Sigma Black Belt

To proceed to earn the Black Belt in Six Sigma, you need to know its benefits first. It is not easy to earn this, which makes it even more advantageous to earn. You need to learn and upgrade your skills at every level and prove your excellence to bag the Black Belt certification. Some of the benefits of acquiring the Six Sigma Black Belt certification are as follows:-

1. Lucrative Job Prospective

The Six Sigma Black Belt™ certification will increase your professional value. This certification opens up lucrative job positions like Quality Improvement Specialist, Six Sigma Manager, Six Sigma Coordinator, Senior SQE Manager, Continuous Improvement coordinator, Business Process Engineer, Business Process Expert, Chief Process Executive, Operations Project Head, Process Excellence Manager, etc.

It strengthens the resume with higher credentials, which helps to get high-paying jobs and promotions to senior roles. An interesting fact is that Six Sigma knowledge can be used in almost any industry. You can work in healthcare, manufacturing, education, or whichever industry you want, and implement the Six Sigma methodologies to improve the quality of products or services there. After attaining the Black Belt, you can work as a Six Sigma Black Belt Instructor too.

2. Increased Salary

After acquiring the Six Sigma Black Belt, you will earn fairly higher than what you can earn with the white, yellow, and even green Belt levels of certifications. Generally, with each level, the salary increases by around 19%.

3. Boosting Leadership Skills

The Six Sigma Black Belt™ certification will boost your leadership skills and place you in a better position on the corporate ladder. You will be able to lead teams more efficiently by implementing the Six Sigma concepts and using the tools.

4. Improved Communication Skills

You get to resolve customer issues related to the goods or services produced by your organization when you are in a senior administrative position, improving your customer relationship skills. The improved communication skill also gives you the scope to better your stakeholder management abilities.

5. Creating a New Customer Base

Six Sigma Black Belt

As a Six Sigma Black Belt™ certified professional, you will continue to improve the quality of the products or services for your company. Such products or services will attract new customers, and create a loyal customer base eventually. It will also enhance the reliability of the organization in the market.

6. Improving a Business

Your business will never be the same when you will start using the Six Sigma methodologies. It will keep improving, and place your organization much ahead of the competitors. Problem-solving and decision-making will be much simpler with the knowledge of Six Sigma. The check of defective products ensures the production of higher quality products, which leads to higher profit.


A Six Sigma Black Belt™ certified professional possesses the necessary tools and up-to-date knowledge that are required to run an organization smoothly by removing process errors. So, if you want to serve in a Top-level post in the corporate world, boost your mentoring capabilities, and have higher income potential, you should get a Six Sigma blackbelt certification training online.

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