Malnutrition is held responsible for the deaths of 45% of children globally below age 5, according to one researchIt says that poor nutrition causes deaths of 3.1M below the age of five every year Different malnutrition causes in childhood and pregnancy were reviewed by one international team.

According to them, first thousand days in life, that is, from conception till 2 years, have the consequences that last forever, when it comes to health.

Malnutrition, that includes being obese or overweight or even under-nourished, has economic impact.

A UN report recently says that malnutrition costs the world around $500 or $3.5tn, for each person, in lost productivity and healthcare.

A team that’s led by Professor Robert Black from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, US, took a review of the evidence on child and maternal under-nutrition as well as obesity in the middle-income and low-income countries from the year 2008.

Also, the team assessed international and national progress regarding the nutrition programs

It is said by Prof Black as well as his colleagues that while there has been some progress made in the recent years, it is estimated that above 165M children got affected due to stunting and about 50M in 2011 by wasting.

About 900,000 lives can be protected in 34 countries once ten nutritional interventions which are proven were scaled-up by 90% of world, according to them.

Prof Black told that nutritional consequences related to the months of pregnancy as well as conditions in the initial 2 years life have quite important consequences when it comes to chronic disease of adults and mortality. He also said that nutritional deficit at an early stage results in the individual’s developmental consequences and it has affects on their capability to be succeeded in school as well as society in order to get jobs which are most productive.

Researchers warn about the countries that they wouldn’t be free of poverty till nutrition becomes a priority globally.

According to Dr Richard Horton, Lancet’s editor-in-chief, if the child and maternal nutrition could be optimized, benefits would accrue and possibly extend over many generations, so everyone should now work together to seize the opportunity.

The experts who are working with the development are meeting up this weekend in London for some summit over nutrition that is hosted by Brazilian governments and UK.

After this will be annual summit with leaders from G8 countries.

1 billion dollars a year are being called by The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign as extra money for aid so that they could be spent for malnutrition by the year 2015. A spokesperson from the campaign, Anita Tiessen, told that the new figures do confirm the worst fears of everyone, that many 100,000s more children tend to be dying because of malnutrition than was thought previously. She also said that much progress in dealing with child deaths is made though malnutrition still stays as Achilles’ heel toward the effort to prevent many millions from dying needless deaths every year and that tackling hunger has to be prioritized urgently if the progress is to be continued.