Crimestoppers Scotland chairman announced the reward for the person who help them in finding new clue or information about the Alistair Wilson Murderer.

In Details:

Recently the crimestopper put a charity reward £5000 for providing any information that can lead to find the murderer of Alistair Wilson

Officer said in his latest interview when a reporter asks him about this case.

 “We would ask that anyone who thinks they may have information relating to this, no matter how small, should come forward and finally help Alistair’s family obtain the answers they seek and All information passed to Crimestoppers is kept anonymous, a guarantee that has never been broken, so no-one need be in fear of their identity being revealed.”

This murder was held nine years ago at Narin, this case was remained unsolved but recently a footage of gun release which was used in this murder.

Commission has hired Police Scotland’s investigation team to investigate on this case to find the murderer or any clue.

Team observed the gun and said

“The weapon is a significant age – dating back well over 60 years – so piecing together its history could very well help provide us with new leads”.

He said by this weapon can reached to the criminal , because somebody will surely know about the gun, he added that he will investigate and is in search of finding by clue but if anyone who have any information can make him to jump to the conclusion.

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