As people hit the road for their summer vacations, fuel costs are on the rise again. Environmentalism is another major topic right now, and there’s a connection between these two current trends that you may not realize. Both urge people to find ways to use less gasoline.

The most thrilling way to cut down on fuel use is to invest in a vehicle with a smaller gas tank: a motorcycle. This list of some of the best motorcycles for beginners is the perfect way to start exploring the idea.

1. Harley-Davidson Street 500

Harley-Davidson Street 500

Whether or not you know anything about biking, you know Harley-Davidson. Despite their big reputation, Harleys aren’t always the best choice for beginners. They can cost a pretty penny, and many aren’t designed with newbies in mind.

If you’ve always dreamed of riding a hog, don’t lose hope. The Street 500 is one of the easiest ways to start.

It has a comfortable, low seat, and it handles as well as any motorcycle for beginners. Buying a Harley puts you in the company of thousands of biking fanatics passionate about the brand. You’ll have access to exclusive Harley clubs and, if you’re around kind people, you can talk to experienced Harley-riders to pick up some tips and tricks.

Make no mistake: If Harley-Davidson doesn’t suit you, you can still go to motorcycle bars and clubs to chat with fellow bikers.

The special benefit of choosing a Harley is that this brand has the most clout, and its fans like banding together. Other brands don’t have the same kind of reputation.

2. Suzuki SV650

Suzuki SV650

If power is what you’re looking for in a motorcycle, check out Suzuki’s SV650 bike.

Most motorcycle riding tips for beginners don’t recommend powerful bikes because of the high learning curve and safety concerns. However, this model is the ideal mix of powerful and user-friendly.

It works well for everyday purposes, such as your commute. Once you’re confident in your basic skills, you can boost your speed without having to buy a second motorcycle to take the next step.

3. Honda CBR300R

Honda CBR300R

People love Honda bikes and cars for their reliability and affordable pricing, making Honda one of the very best motorcycles for beginners. The Honda CBR300R motorcycle follows suit. For the most part, this bike needs nothing more than basic maintenance for miles and miles.

It’s on the smaller side, making it controllable and easy to learn. The bike is also a lightweight model, which has some safety benefits.

While there are great legal defenders like those at ready to help bikers with injuries across the spectrum of severity, you still want to put the odds in your favor. A lightweight bike like the Honda CBR300R reduces some of the risks of motorcycles. If it tips over and lands on you, it won’t do as much harm as a bigger model would.

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