Stinging attack was launched by Robert Mugabe on the opposition rivals during the 1st public speech he gave since winning the disputed election of president of Zimbabwe.

Rejecting the claims of PM Tsvangirai’s that vote got stolen, it was said by him that the ones against him can “go hang”.Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) by Mr Tsvangirai’s boycotted this speech.

MDC lodged one legal challenge that was against result of “stolen election” which demanding it to be rerun.Mr Mugabe won election by getting 61% vote on the 31st of July, while 2nd came Mr Tsvangirai with 35%. Welshman Ncube got 3rd with 3%, as according to the official results.

Party of Zanu-PF of the president also gained parliamentary majority by more than 2/3rd, winning 160 out of 210 seats.During the speech on Heroes’ Day that dealt with series of the national issues, at a point, Mr Mugabe did focus over the election victory as well as called for the celebrations.

He said, “Those who lost elections may commit suicide if they so wish. Even if they die, dogs will not sniff their corpses. We are delivering democracy on a platter. We say take it or leave it, but the people have delivered democracy.”

Western detractors of Zimbabwe was “put to the shame”, according to him.

The organisations that are Non-governmental was used to the rig elections during 2008, he did claim, though Zanu-PF never stopped regarding planning from that time.

He also said,

“We found we were dining with and sharing our bed with thieves. We will never give thieves the power to rule.”

The main rival of Mr Mugabe, Mr Tsvangirai did win 1st round of presidential vote of 2008, but according to official results, he failed in winning outright.Later, he pulled out from 2nd round due to attacks on supporters, and finally one agreement on power-sharing did work out.

The annual celebration of Zimbabwe is Heroes’ Day, when country does remember the ones who died in independence fight of 1970s.

It was at a National Heroes’ Acre that Mr Mugabe happened to be speaking, monument in capital where the ones who got killed were buried.

earlier, Mr Tsvangirai called for the calm, saying that there wasn’t any national celebration regarding the day, though, rather one nation dwelling in mourning.

According to a published statement, Mr Tsvangirai did say majority of the Zimbabweans still were shocked at the brazen manner that their votes were stolen.

He said,

“We must all remain calm as we celebrate Heroes’ Day. I know that we will always be a heroic people.”

Boycott of MDC of national commemoration exposed deep rifts on heart of the troubled country.As yet, Mr Mugabe hasn’t been sworn for 7th consecutive term as the appeal still is ongoing. It is maintained by him that he as well Zanu-PF did win the free & fair elections.

According to MDC, it has concrete evidence of the electoral irregularities, also including bribery and manipulation of electoral roll and abuse of the assisted voting.

Regional and African monitors praised poll regarding being peaceful though noted some of the irregularities.

Though, one group of local observers, Zimbabwe Election Support Network as well as its 7,000 observers’ network, said that around 1 million voters – mostly in the urban areas – systematically were disenfranchised due to being left out from voters’ roll.

This Constitutional Court of 9 members is thought to discuss complaint in this week. This has around 2 weeks till delivering its verdict.Though, with the several judges as Mr Mugabe’s supporters, it is said that few consider that MDC challenge would bear fruit.

Regarding one development on this Sunday, it was stated that mines’ ministry denied one report that it agreed on selling Iran uranium meant for the nuclear programme it has.

One ministry statement happened to be stressing that report was blatant and malicious lie and also that there weren’t any export licences that were issued.Also, the foreign minister of Iran denied this report.


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