Rubber stoppers and plugs are widely used in medical or food applications as examples and are designed to tightly plug and seal glassware such as test tubes, ensuring contents aren’t released or contaminated.

There seems to be no end to the many uses for rubber stoppers and plugs, and in every industry too. The stoppers are used for the industrial, commercial and scientific industries to name just a few. Made of high-quality rubber, they are particularly useful for use in laboratories and for sealing any chemical bottles tightly.

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Silicon stoppers for the health industry

Rubber stoppers and plugs are used in every industry, sealing holes and simply protecting myriads of goods. The health-, medical and cosmetic industries for example makes use of silicon stoppers as they are environmentally friendly and they won’t harm human skin.

They are used in the medical and cosmetic industries. When you look at the medical industry, you will see that rubber is used and is quite frankly, indispensable in this industry.

Rubber stoppers – custom- or standard

Because of the natural material from which it is made, it doesn’t affect human health.  – and there is almost no packaging that does not have a rubber stopper. Open the bonnet of your car’s engine too and see all the hoses and plugs made of rubber. The rubber stoppers and plugs are available also in a variety of sizes. Whether custom- or standard parts, whatever the requirements, rubber products are developed according to the customer’s requirements for hardness,  dimensions and even color.

You can take a look at every industry – rubber has made its mark and there are forever new rubber products coming out with even greater purpose. The reason for this is that the rubber shows huge resistance to chemicals and they protect goods from all kinds of contamination, having better sealing than other plugs. This commercial and industrial rubber is also resistant to extreme temperatures, is long-lasting and resistant to cracking.

Professional, reliable manufacturer

All industries need to rely on a decent rubber stopper and plug supplier and Etol has about 2 decades of rubber and silicone experience, manufacturing products for thousands of customers all over the world.

They produce injection molded silicone rubber parts, and if you’re worried about size and fit, you can try their free samples. All their products are certificated and comply with RoSH standards.

Rubber stoppers are available with one hole, two holes or solid rubber stoppers. You just have to be careful is you make your own holes because not done the right way can cause liquid chemical leaks.

Always make sure that you get the correct rubber stoppers from a reputable source. Whatever industry requires rubber stoppers, the most trusted manufacturers are trusted to produce rubber products free of any defects.