Did you know that it costs over $11,000 to replace an average roof? That’s why smart homeowners conduct regular roof maintenance to avoid these costs.

Are you concerned that your roof might need extra care to extend its life? Do you need roof maintenance advice to get you started and help protect your investment?

The following guide will explore 4 roof maintenance tips that every homeowner should know. Read on and don’t let the importance of roof maintenance go unnoticed any longer.

1. Keep Your Roof and Gutters Clean

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Try to spray off your roof with a hose once or twice each year. You might need to spray your roof more often if you live in a dry and dusty area. Certain trees on your property might also produce more debris that you’ll need to remove regularly.

You might notice that a garden hose isn’t powerful enough to get your roof clean. In that case, you’ll want to hire an expert to pressure wash your roof. Using a pressure washer and chemicals on your own might damage roof tiles, shingles, etc.

You can carefully clean the gutters on your own without professional help if you’re careful. Clean your gutters out every 3 months to prevent them from overflowing during rainstorms.

Not cleaning your gutters might result in rain backing up into your roof and causing damage. Severe accumulation of debris in your gutters might require the help of a roofing company, so check them often to save money.

2. Regular Inspections and Prompt Repairs

Always inspect your roof after severe weather such as heavy rains and wind. Circle your property and examine the roof from all sides for damage, pooling, and debris. Remove any debris such as tree branches right away.

You should also consider scheduling a professional to inspect your roof each year. This might seem like a hassle, but it could save you money in the future and help your roof last longer.

Professional roof inspectors typically check for bubbles, blisters, broken shingles, buildup, and damage from water. Of course, you can climb up and check on your own, but you’ll risk injury and possible damage to your roof.

It’s important to prioritize fixing roofing issues right away to protect your home and save money down the line. Even the smallest roofing problems can grow into giant headaches for homeowners if left untreated.

The foundation of your home is also at risk when you neglect roof repairs. You can see here an example of a trusted roofing company that provides straightforward repair estimates.

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3. Trim Trees Close to Your Home

Trim any trees nearby your home so that their branches don’t hang over the roof. How often you’ll need to trim branches depends on the types of trees on your property.

Even things like leaves, pine needles, and palm tree fronds can cause heavy damage to roofs over time. Just be careful not to let any branches crash onto your roof during trimming.

4. Attic Air Circulation

The way hot and cold air circulates in and out of your attic affects the health of your roof greatly. Blockages can trap air and cause dampness in your attic which will lead to mold.

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Inspect your roof vents and soffits annually to make sure they’re in good condition. check for blockages, pests, and other ventilation problems.

Prioritize Roof Maintenace

Now you know why regular roof maintenance is so important and 4 ways to keep your roof in excellent shape. Remember this guide to avoid unnecessary damages and costly roof replacements.

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