How to Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Recreational Vehicle

If there was one industry that benefited from COVID-19, it was the RV industry. The number of new RVs shipped to dealers reached 600,000 in 2021.

A lot of the people who bought RVs were first-time buyers. They realized that they could work from anywhere and travel safely in an RV.

What they didn’t realize was that the RV lifestyle isn’t for everyone. Buying an RV isn’t like buying a toy. It takes upkeep and routine maintenance.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the responsibilities of RV ownership. Just keep reading to learn a few RV maintenance tips so you can get the most from your road trips.

1. Pre-Travel Inspection

To prevent an accident or major damage to your RV, you have to inspect the vehicle before any road trips.

Check the tire pressure and treads of the RV and tow vehicles. Don’t forget about the spare tires.

It’s recommended that you replace the tires once they reach the manufacturer’s lifespan limits. Even if the tires look new, they degrade over time.

2. Roof Seals and Seams

Recreational vehicles have special sealants around the roof. It’s normal for water and UV rays to wear the sealants down over time.

Inspect the roof for leaks and see if you need to reseal the roof. This helps you extend the life of the RV’s roof.

3. Check the Batteries

Periodically check your RV’s batteries. Keep your batteries fully charged to prevent capacity loss.

They do lose charging capacity over time. Look to replace the batteries every three to six years.

4. Wash and Wax

If you want to sell the RV later on, you have to keep it in pristine condition. That includes washing the RV after every road trip.

You’ll remove dirt and debris that scratch and expose the exterior of the vehicle.

For further protection, wax the RV a couple of times a year. This is a big job, so give yourself enough time and get the best RV wax.

5. Maintain the Wastewater System

The wastewater system is the most important system, but it’s also the least fun to deal with. Make sure you understand the type of wastewater system you have.

Use the correct chemicals for your system and flush the entire system regularly. That prevents buildup and damage to the system.

Routine Maintenance for Your Recreation Vehicle

Owning an RV can open a lot of doors. You can take your work on the road and see parts of the country you wouldn’t normally see. You become part of the large community of recreation vehicle owners.

As great as all of that is, you still have a few things to take care of. Routine maintenance for your RV isn’t something to put off.

A blown tire or leaky roof could cause you a lot of stress and ruin your trip. Now that you know the basics of caring for your RV, you can avoid these situations.

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