This new respiratory illness known as COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. It has left thousands of people around the world jobless, penniless, sick, depressed and hungry.  It’s a crisis time for the whole world.

Fortunately, there are good Samaritans the world over who have taken upon themselves to ensure that food parcels are reaching those who would otherwise starve. Not only that, because of restaurants and bars closing down, demand for food and medical supplies are important  and truck drivers play an important role in the food supply chain.

How are Operators ensuring safe operations during Covid-19

Superb food trucks of export-quality

Of course, the people who run the trucks take the safety of the products very seriously. The trucks and trailers that California Cart Builder manufacture are available in lots of sizes, complete with stoves and refrigerators. Many customers look for these trucks, and they are shipped overseas to Hawaii, Europe, Texas and other regions.

California Cart Builder manufactures the highest quality mobile kitchens, food trucks, concession trailers, catering trucks and more and all of these trucks meet all federal- and local health codes.

California Cart Builder is looked upon as  America’s number one food truck builder and they also offer comprehensive information to customers on food truck permits and regulations. The expert team at California Cart Builder can help you also design food trucks that meet all applicable codes and standards.

Trucks that meet all safety standards

The trucks are made with top quality materials – stainless steel and tempered glass to stand up to all kinds of locations. A lot of resources and capital is invested in ensuring the trucks are sturdy and meet all safety standards.

The workers have to comply with all the local food safety requirements and the food truck owners have to be strict about enforcing social distancing. The workers wear masks, and every driver has to be properly licensed and trained. The truck owners use no-touch delivery and payment options and regularly clean all countertops, making use of approved cleaning chemicals labeled as effective against the coronavirus.

During the coronavirus no seating may be provided on the truck or outside around the truck until further notice. Also, if an employee is symptomatic, they can’t be allowed to come to work and they must be sent home immediately.  Disinfect all areas that the employee may have come into contact with.

The truck will also have to undergo a fire department inspection, and as with any business, the truck owner will need certain licenses to operate the food truck.

If you are looking for excellent workmanship in a food truck, California Cart Builder is the premier builder, making it that much easier to adhere to all safety regulations.

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