Did you know that motorcyclists face four times the risk of accident-related injuries versus motor vehicle passengers? That’s why it’s so critical for motorcycle riders to be aware of other vehicles on the road. And, if an accident still happens, a motorcyclist needs to know what steps to take.

Heading out for a ride? Before you do, read on to learn about safety tips for motorcyclists!

Check with the Insurance Company


Motorcycle insurance is essential to help cover damage and repairs after an accident. But before insurance can come to the rescue, you’ll need some details to describe the situation. Start by collecting contact and insurance info for other affected parties.

Use a phone to capture images of the damage and the accident scene. Jot down license plate info, too, and take notes that you can share with the insurance company. And when you talk with an agent, stay neutral and don’t apologize for anything.

Motorcyclists Should Call the Police and Paramedics

After you’ve moved to a safe location, call 911 if you or another party endured injuries. Paramedics will arrive at the scene swiftly.

Are you wearing gear, such as a helmet or pads? If you believe you sustained an injury, you should keep everything on.

Trained medical experts will assess you before helping to remove equipment. That way, you won’t put additional strain on injured areas.

After a motorcycle accident, reach out to local law enforcement and file a police report, as well. This document can provide a clear description of the accident and serve as a resource for your insurance company.

Do You Need A Criminal Lawyer?

Did another vehicle cut you off and cause the accident? Or did a driver run a red light? If you’re not at fault — or if you are — you’ll want a good legal team fighting for you.

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you score more money from your insurance company. They may even handle talking to the agent to strike up negotiations. And if you want to file a case, they’ll work with you to ensure timely actions within the statute of limitations.

Contact a Trusted Friend or Family Member

Once you’ve tackled the legal and insurance matters, don’t forget to talk with your family and friends. It’s always wise to let people know your whereabouts. And if you failed to show up for a dinner party or another event, they may be worried.

If you’re injured or facing legal repercussions, a trusted friend could provide advice. Or they may be able to offer financial resources if your budget won’t cover medical costs. This kind of support will help you get back on your feet!

a Motorcycle Accident

Follow These Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcyclists need to know the best course of action after an accident. Start by documenting the scene and reaching out to a motorcycle insurance agent. And follow up by talking with the police, a good lawyer, and a trusted friend.

Stay up to date on the latest safety tips before hitting the open road. Check back for new articles soon!

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