Samsung company is trying to provide the curve display for your Smartphone


Samsung Company is known as the best electronics product manufacturer company and giving tough time to their competitors by launching advance technology items.

In Smartphone technology winning race every day companies are making this competition tough day by day by introducing something new and wonderful. Samsung has recently announced to launch curve display for Galaxy Note 3.

This new advance device will be work on the Galaxy Note 3 OLED plates which are known as organic light-emitting diode further details are kept secret.

This is first step to change the digital display tech by providing the bended and folded shape to the display.

Before its announcement Samsung displayed the prototype device of bendy and re-shapeable screens but no one can say about the cost of these products. Company has not revealed so much information about their new launch.

Ben Wood told the new reporter by sharing these words to express his feeling like as

“A curved screen isn’t going to radically change the user’s experience of a Smartphone, but it does help Samsung differentiate itself in a crowded market where most phones are homogenous, flat-screen rectangles,”

He also showed his mind thinking by saying that Samsung will surely launched active range of these devices and this technology will make the smart phone stretchy and more plain surface.

Samsung has already used this technology in its large TVs screen as it has launched curved (OLED TV) of 55 inches at Wednesday in UK.

Samsung is working on many other visional ideas like it is also stepping for new wearable technology like Galaxy Gear Phone wristwatch.

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