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Sand Suppliers: The Backbone of Many Industries

Not many people realise the fact that procuring sand is quite a challenging task in the modern world. You may be wondering, why do i need sand because after all, sand is all around us and is free. Well, you’re right, it’s around us and it’s free but you can’t just go around shoveling sand from lands around you for your own good. How are you going to shovel all the sand? And that’s not even the main question. How are you going to process the sand?

This is where sand suppliers come in

Sand Suppliers

Sand suppliers are companies that specialize in storing sand, processing it and selling the end result in the market. They are those companies that no one thinks about or knows much about. However they’re the one’s running the industries because if they stop supplying sand then you can say goodbye to over thousands of products. You can say that sand suppliers are the driving force behind most of the industries.

What services do they provide?

The main services provided by sand suppliers is the logistics of sand. Sand after being processed goes through quality check where larger grains are removed. The fine sand is then packaged, labelled and ready to be shipped to customers. Since sand suppliers main customers are large industries, the amount of sand that needs to be delivered is a lot. This requires proper infrastructure like roads to the mining site and an entire logistics chain that ensures the final delivery of the product to industries.

Some sand suppliers offer extensive packaging options that cater to all sizes of business and even for individual use. These are those companies that not only have a B2B business model but also run a B2C model.

Sand suppliers are able to process sand into different types of products. Let’s look at the array of options available at most sand suppliers.

Sand suppliers and their products

The most common types of products offered by sand suppliers are sand and mesh.


Sand goes under different processes which results in a completely different product. Glass is made out of sand, however it’s not possible to make glass from sand when it is in its raw form. Sand needs to be processed into liquid sand which is then used in the production of glass.

Some of the most common types of sand offered by sand suppliers are:

  1. Silica sand
  2. Turf sand
  3. Water filtration sand
  4. Glass sand
  5. Frac sand
  6. Building sand


This is basically a customizable option. People or industries that are looking for sand in certain consistencies or sand that meet their granular requirements go for the mesh option. Meshes come in different sizes allowing for different consistency sand. The most common options for mesh sand that you will find among sand suppliers are as follows:

  1. 8 x 16
  2. 12 x 20
  3. 16 x 30
  4. 20 x 40
  5. 30 x 50
  6. 40 x 70

Sand is used in many industries like sports and recreation, oil & gas, glass making, construction, water filtration and more.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the processes of sand or simply want to purchase some sand, then you can reach out to PFS Aggregates. They are one of the largest texas based sand suppliers and are known for their high quality frac sand among many other products.

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