How to Save Money on Automotive Maintenance in 2022

The automotive industry is a rapidly changing world. With all-new technology and innovation, it cannot be easy to know where to spend your money. Automotive maintenance is something that many people are not prepared for, as they have to pay for it upfront without knowing how much their bill might be. Failure to maintain your car can lead to substantial repair bills down the road. It is essential to be proactive about this. You can do a few things now to save money on automotive maintenance in 2022.

1. Schedule your service appointments regularly

The easiest way to save money on automotive maintenance in 2022 is the regularly scheduled visits with your mechanic. This keeps you up-to-date about any issues present and allows them time to solve these problems before they get worse or become more expensive. You can find a great deal of information online regarding vehicle maintenance, but having an expert take a look doesn’t hurt.

2. Replace worn out parts

Replace worn-out parts as soon as possible. This includes things like brake pads, tires, and oil filters. Waiting too long to replace these items can lead to more expensive automotive repairs down the road. Ensure you buy genuine spare parts from a reputable dealer to avoid any problems. Counterfeit parts are often cheaper but can cause decreased performance and engine failure.

3. Change engine oil when required

Changing engine oil as soon as you realize it needs to be done. Many people wait until the check engine light comes on before they do anything, but this can lead to more expensive problems down the road. Changing your engine oil helps keep your car running smoothly and prevents these sorts of issues from happening.

The longer you wait, the dirtier your engine will get, which can lead to a build-up that damages components over time. Not only does changing your oil regularly help keep things clean, but it also keeps them lubricated as well. This leads to fewer problems and less expensive repairs in the long run.

4. Do moderately difficult repairs yourself

Not everyone has what it takes to take apart a transmission and put it back together. Even if you have the right experience, you might not have the right tools and machinery in your garage. For such repairs, an expert mechanic is needed.

However, there are many car repairs and parts replacement projects that car owners can do themselves with some basic tools and equipment. While installing a new oil gauge or replacing the radiator might still require rewatching YouTube How-To videos, these and other moderately difficult repairs and replacements can be easily done in a home garage. Doing so can save you hundreds or even thousands in repair costs.

5. Use car maintenance apps

Several automotive maintenance apps are available for download that can help you keep track of your vehicle’s health. These apps often provide information such as how much oil is left in the car, when the next service appointment should be, and how many miles have been driven since the last checkup. This information can help avoid expensive automotive maintenance in 2022.

Car maintenance apps available on your phone allow you to schedule service appointments at a convenient time, and they can even help save money by providing coupons and promotional offers. These apps make it easy to manage things like oil changes or tire rotations without ever having to leave your home.

Some of the best car maintenance apps include:

  • Garmin Mechanic
  • OBD Car Doctor
  • GasTracker+
  • Road Trip

6. Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance can help you avoid many of the problems that lead to expensive automotive maintenance in 2022 by catching them early on when they are still minor issues. Do not wait until things get more extensive and more costly to fix. It is recommended by professionals and mechanics alike for all drivers, no matter how well maintained their vehicle currently is.

Ensuring that you bring your car in for regular checkups and tune-ups can help keep things running smoothly. This will save money on expensive repairs down the road. You should also fix any problems as soon as they arise to avoid worsening over time.

7. Use the owner’s manual

The owner’s manual for your car is a valuable resource for understanding how to maintain your vehicle correctly. It can be a little daunting, but reading through the entire thing will help you know what is required and when it needs to be done.


In addition to maintenance schedules, the owner’s manual also includes a list of warning lights and sounds that you should be aware of. The manual will tell you exactly what these signals mean, how to fix the problem, and when a professional mechanic should address it.

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