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Savvy on Social? 5 High Paying Social Media Jobs You Need to Know

Are you killing it on social media?

Do you know all of the lingo, the speak, the vernacular that makes you a social media star?

Or maybe you’re more of an underground social media superhero, with your finger firmly on the pulse of every platform.

Regardless, if social media is your jam, then you may want to consider becoming an expert in one of the myriad social media jobs that now exist.

Here are five jobs that are in demand: 

1. Public Relations (PR) Manager

Your brand’s message and image are strongly affected by how the public perceives you.

Social media has made connecting with media outlets and just the population at large easier than ever. 

But as a PR manager, you have to do more than simply connect. You have to be able to keep the message relevant and on target.

Given that social media has so many layers, it’s easy for a message to get misinterpreted and taken incorrectly. No company wants to be the subject of rumors and false information.

And they’re willing to hire people with the social media know-how to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

2. Social Media Influencer

If you already have a solid and sought after presence on the internet, you could turn that into a job.

For many businesses, social media influencers are part of their marketing strategy.

So if you have a large following, expertise on a specific platform, amazing interpersonal skills, and you know how to generate awesome content, you’re exactly what companies want.

They will pay you to mention or promote their product on your page – knowing that your highly engaged audience will respect your opinion.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Ranking high on an online search has become a business in and of itself. This made SEO specialist jobs in demand these days.

For this position, you’ll need more than just social media savvy. You’ll also have to learn how to analyze SEO and then figure out what’s ranking and what isn’t. 

But that’s easy enough. And once you’ve attained that skill, you’ll have the unique understanding of how to use SEO and social media together to get lasting results without breaking Google’s rules.

4. Social Media Strategist

More and more companies recognize that a social media strategist is an essential component of a full social media management strategy. 

A social media manager is responsible for watching social media trends and then determine the best way to take advantage of them for a company’s business strategies.

Like the SEO specialist, some knowledge of analytics and algorithm processes will be required. You’ll also need to develop promotions, interact with your audience and coordinate with other experts to create social media posts. 

5. Marketing Communications Manager

Digital marketing is nothing new.

But in years past, social media seemed a separate animal. Now, today’s marketing communication strategies rely heavily on social media.

Just look at the power of Facebook Ads.

Because of his, companies looking for marketing communications managers and directors expect candidates to be fluent in social media.

Social Media Jobs Are Everywhere

Take advantage of your SM savviness and know-how to grab one of the many social media jobs out there.

You can find them in just about every industry.

And for more great articles that’ll keep you informed and on top of what’s trending, keep checking back with our internet/tech blog!

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